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Our Vision

To institutionalize equity in order to provide a quality and excellent education for all culturally and linguistically diverse students.

This Month's Issue

In the Fall/Winter issue of Equity Express, we will share helpful resources to support the culture and climate of your schools while ensuring a quality and excellent education for all.

  • Indigenous Peoples' Month November 2020
  • Recap of Hispanic Heritage Month September 15-October 15
  • Cesar Chavez Competition and Gallery Event
  • Updates to McKinney-Vento Website
  • What Are You Reading? Let's Build Our Equity Literacy Together
  • WIDA ACCESS Updates

Indigenous Peoples' Month 2020

Native American Heritage Month 2020
On November 11, 2020, the National Museum of the American Indian shares a virtual message to mark the completion of the National Native American Veterans Memorial and acknowledge the service and sacrifice of Native veterans and their families. To learn more about the memorial, visit https://AmericanIndian.si.edu.

Recent Events

Under the direction of our Title VI coordinator, Wendy Peterson, we had an amazing opportunity to hear from Meredith Shramm, a registered member of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska. She has conducted two professional development trainings on Native American curriculum. She will host one more session this spring.

After school credit recovery for Native high school seniors will start in the next few weeks. Contact Wendy Peterson (x7140) for more information.

Our Title VI department has been invited to conduct classroom presentations in individual classrooms across our district to promote more awareness of Native American people and their culture. We welcome your interest in having one or more outreach workers join your school or classroom for a classroom presentation. Please contact Wendy Peterson (x7140) for more information and to schedule a visit.

Li'l Feathers

This month, some of our Li'l Feathers dancers were recorded for a virtual Grand Entry performance for Veterans' Day. Many thanks to our instructor, Honey, for her longstanding dedication to the Li'l Feathers program!

Li'l Feathers cultural classes are held via Zoom every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm. This has been a wonderful way to connect students and families with each other and build community. Although we are limited in our ability to see each other in person, we love seeing each other on Zoom and we invite you to join us!

Click Here to Join Li'l Feathers Zoom Cultural Class

Cultural classes are held via Zoom every Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Please contact Wendy Peterson (x7140) with any questions.

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Li'l Feathers and UVU Celebrate Veterans' Day in Utah

Veteran's Day @ UVU

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15

From September 15 through October 15, our nation celebrates the vast contributions, influence, and rich cultures of Latinos in the United States. Check out the two videos below to learn more about the impact of Latinos in the United States, whose selfless commitments have drawn us closer towards a more perfect union.

Locally, PBS Utah has highlighted Utah's Freedom Riders, including local Latino activists discussing their courageous efforts in Utah to advance the civil rights movement and stand for la igualdad and justicia in our state and across the country.

Hispanic Heritage Month | Utah's Freedom Riders
Behind the Doodle: Celebrating Felicitas Mendez

Building Bridges for Peace: Cesar Chavez Competition 2020-21

The Departments of Educational Equity and Fine Arts Curriculum & Instruction are pleased to announce the winners of the Cesar Chavez Competition of 2020-2021. All winning pieces will be displayed at the Granite School District Art Gallery (2500 South State Street) from November 9th to December 18th. There will not be a gallery reception this year, however the gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm. Winners and their families are encouraged to visit the display during those hours. A virtual gallery tour will also be available soon at bit.ly/chavezgsd.

Excerpt from Language Arts First Prize Winner, Emily Yanez Hernandez, Grade 11, Taylorsville High

La Misma Sangre

Tu y yo nacimos aquí

Ligados by the blood of our ancestors

No trates de implantar en mi alma

La idea de que existe the pure race

Ese cuerpo que te sostiene

No es siquiera tuyo propio

In it you would find la bravura

De los líderes of this wild e indomable tierra

We are citizens of the earth

Sons of the sun

You and I are the same

Porque el mismo cielo nos observa

Hijos de la tierra

Bautizados por caudales de sangre

Que ahora corren por nuestras venas

Llevando el cando de libertad y penas

We are coming back

Coming back to what was stolen from us

Tu y yo tenemos los mismos derechos

Asi que camina derecho

El color de mis ojos El color de mi pelo

Y el color de mi piel

Is not a reason for you to stereotype me

There is no need to fit in

Because tu y yo nacimos aquí

The earth is our home

And that makes us family

Be the change

Be yourself

Be unic

Be change maker

What is Homelessness?

The McKinney-Vento Act defines homelessness as “individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.” That can look like:

  • sharing housing with another person or family due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or similar reasons;
  • living in a motel or hotel;
  • living in a shelter or temporary housing;
  • living in a car, park, campground, public space, or abandoned building;
  • living in housing with infestation, mold, overcrowding, or does not have heat, electricity, or water; or
  • a student seeing enrollment without an accompanying parent and not in foster care or state’s custody.

Applications in English and Spanish are available at your school or can be located on our website https://www.graniteschools.org/edequity/homeless/

Many thanks to Shannalee Otanez and Sarah Thomas for their relentless dedication to students and families experiencing homelessness.

What Are You Reading?

Click on the "What Are You Reading?" button to answer our survey!

Please take a minute to complete our two-question survey! We would love to hear about any books, podcasts, or other literary source that you are currently engaged with that is helping to build your equity literacy. In future newsletters, we will highlight some of the resources shared as we build a collective equity mindset within Granite School District.

The Educational Equity department offers interpreter and translation services to facilitate equitable communication with families in Granite School District.

To request an interpreter or document translation, please visit our Ed Equity Intranet page. There, you will find links to two Google Forms for making requests.

Interpreter Requests

Please complete this form to request an interpreter for your school. Educational Equity will respond to requests within 48 hours. If no interpreter is available, Ed Equity will contact an outside agency to try to fulfill the request. If you do not hear back within 72 hours, please contact us at Educational Equity, 385-646-4205. *If this is for a student that has an IEP or is going through the testing process, please contact Lana Sutton in the Special Education department.

Document Translations

Please complete this form to request translations for either messaging (e.g. email to school community) or a specific document. Educational Equity will respond to requests within 48 hours. Requests are assigned and completed in the order they are received.

It’s time to start thinking about WIDA ACCESS testing!

Did you know that English proficiency growth as measured by the ACCESS accounts for 9% of the USBE school grading system for elementary schools and junior highs and 6% for high schools?

Now is the time to start preparing your multilingual learners for testing. Reach out to your school ALP Lead or Educational Equity Teacher Specialists for more information and resources on how to prepare students, teachers, and other school personnel for a successful ACCESS testing experience.

Ed Equity Teacher Specialists:

Lisa Anderson (x7412, lapeterson2)

Brooke Holyoak (x7397, bholyoak)

Nathan Moore (x7542, nmoore1)