Alexandra Robbins

Author's Purpose

  • The author's purpose for writing this book was to inform people about the events that happen behind closed doors at sororities. "Certainly, there are many wonderful chapters that consist of genuinely friendly sisters and laudable programs, sisterhoods that embrace a girl for who she is, rather than mold her into what they want her to represent. But there is a danger that in some of the less evolved houses, students can get so caught up in the idea of the group that their individual identities, opinions, and values get lost within the herd mentality created when cognitive dissonance intersects with the notion of us versus them" (page x).


  • "Ever wonder what sorority life is really like? In Pledged, bestselling author Alexandra Robbins goes undercover to expose the dark side of collegiate sisterhood-the psychological abuse, hazing rituals, and widespread body image disorders-while at the same time introducing us to many of the intelligent, successful women within its ranks."

3 Concepts Learned from the Book

  • Never change yourself just to try and fit in because it changes the type of person you really are.
  • Don't jump on the bandwagon because what is popular is not always the right thing to do.
  • Don't judge a book by it's cover. Not everything is as it seems. It teaches about how people can put on an act.

Making First Impressions

In the book they talked about one of the hazing traditions that have happened in past years. They talked about how two girls drowned after a ritual where they were forced into ten-foot waves with full jogging gear at night. This chapter made me think twice about the events that could be going on in these houses.

Personal Rating

  • I would rate the book a 2 because it was very repetitive

Video Regarding Previous Hazing

Florida A&M hazing

Current Issues Including Above Video...

  • It surprised me that so many of the events that went on through the book went un-noticed by the dean or administration at the schools. I would understand if it was in only the houses but many of the events happened in public areas around the college campus. If the administration knew about many of the events that happened then I doubt the girls would still be attending the school.


  • The first passage shows to what extent girls went to to try and fit in. They even done very disgusting things (page 29)
  • The second quote talks about how much of an urge the girls felt to fit in to the sorority (page 37)