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Special Roll out of July the 2nd

Roll out of July the 2nd

What has been released?
  1. A brand new header with Color background select
  2. The Application service
  3. Company page suggestions after the application
  4. A new Company page contact details section (new google maps)
  5. Redesign of the Company page to be consistent with the new dashboard
  6. Redesign of the salesforce form to avoid misunderstanding and generation of "bad leads"
  7. A "Country" select in salesforce form to help leads dispatch between teams
  8. 20 administrators vs 10 before
  9. Flash and javascript in the Tab Carte Blanche (see Econocom, EADS )
  10. 13 fixes

Focus on the header

Focus on the application from a Company Page for MIDDLE OF JULY


What's going on?

The API of Twitter has evolved and the service "Feed twitter" in the section "MORE COMPANY NEWS..." in the panorama is no more ok.


  1. There is no refresh anymore
  2. It is impossible to attach a twitter-account from now on


  1. It is not the first time that the API evolves and the set of features decreases.
  2. It will cost around 2 weeks of dev to fix it because they changed everything and maybe just for a couple of months... again.

So we remove the twitter feed in the section "MORE COMPANY NEWS..." in the panorama" for the Roll-out of july the 2nd.


An emailing will be sent to administrators of all company pages with the twitter feed activated (paid and free).

  • We will inform and explain why we switch this service off
  • We will promote the RSS feed as a solution
  • And sooner a brand new header wil be released

Corporate Solutions team

Ali Laanatri

Senior Product owner - Company Pages - Education - Schoolpage Product Dept

Jonathan Leonardo
Web Product Manager Assistant - Company Pages - Product Dept

Romain Berthomé

Web Product Manager Assistant - Education - Schoolpage- Product Dept