Team 31:25 Newsletter

October 2015

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

If Your Calendar Isn't Full~ Call me today!

Hi Ladies!
Home Parties, Vendor Events, Fundraisers and More! This is such a Busy Time of year!
I can't say it enough, If your calendar isn't as full as you would like, Now is the time to chat with me! I want to help you :)
I have never been into Theme Parties, but Customer's Love them!
I have Two Hot Chocolate Bars, A Sangria Party, An Ugly Sweater Party, and Two Gift Giving Parties! The Theme helps the hostess stay focused and Guest come ready to have a good time!
Everyone shops this time of year~ Thirty-One is the Answer!
If you truly believe that Thirty-One has the best gift solutions for everyone, Please will be in line to for your help to finish their list.

Love, Carlajane

October Had Record Sales This Fall! Together we sold $6863! That's A Lot of Totes Ladies!!

Top In Sales in October!

Top Party Sales in October!

  • $628.00- Jamie Stein
  • $617.00- Michelle Meyers
  • $537.00- Karen Lopacinski
  • $508.00- Robin Gilmore
  • $407.00- Tara Harvey
  • $400.00- Karen Lopacinski

Top Party Girls! Together We Held 12 Parties!

Total Parties in October!

  • Michelle Meyers- 3 Parties!
  • Karen Lopacinski- 2 Parties!

1 Party~
- Jamie Stein!

- Robin Gilmore!

- Tara Harvey

- Traci Butterfield


November 2015 Customer Special

2016 Spring & Summer Product Premiere

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 10am-12pm

TBA! Details to come!

Save the DATE!!!

Looking Ahead to December!

The products featured in this month’s Hostess and Customer Specials make wonderful gifts! Remind your Hostesses and Customers that these specials are available from Nov. 25 to Dec. 29. However if they want to guarantee they are here in time for Christmas then they need to place their order by December 10th.

This month, Hostesses can earn the Cindy Tote for just $25 with a party of $200 or more. This tote has a classic silhouette that’s been updated for Fall 2015 with a sturdier shape and upgraded handles.

She can be the first to carry this tote in the Graphic Weave fabric, new for Spring/Summer 2016. Plus, she can add free personalization with a new large monogram, also coming to the Catalog this spring.

With every $35 spent Nov. 25 to Dec. 29, Customers can earn up to three giftables at amazing prices. She can mix and match any combination of five styles: Mini Zipper Pouch, Littles Carry-All Caddy, Stand Tall Insert, Canvas Crew Carry-All and Street Style.

This special also features some new holiday styles, including the Icon Littles Carry-All Caddies and our Mini Zipper Pouch in the new Swirl Dot print.

Don't forget to mention the Better Together Startswell at Parties!


Every new Consultant’s first 120 days are broken down into four 30-day segments.

If you submit $600 or more in PV during one of those 30-day segments, you’ll get to choose one of eight kits to help you customize your business. That’s just ONE average party a month, with 10-12 guests.

If you hold TWO average parties in a 30-day period and submit $1,000 PV you’ll earn your choice of kit plus a $100 bonus!

And with $2,400 PV (just four average parties) during a StartSwell period, you’ll earn your choice of kit plus a $250 bonus!

Carlajane Donovan- Team 31:25 Director

I would love to have a one on one with you! Let me help you reach your goals :)
Want to know my personal stats- Just Ask!