Betsy Ross

Mason Mann, Christian Ciszek

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Early Life

  • In 1773 John married Betsy Ross.
  • In 1776 Betsy Ross husband John Ross died in 1773.
  • After John died Betsy Ross kept running the sewing shop.
  • Made cloth, flags and covers.

Life's Work

  • The American flag official in 1777.
  • In 1776 there was a new country in United State's.
  • The flag of the U.S.A. 13 stars and 13 stripes.
  • Betsy made the american flag.


  • Betsy Ross went to school and learned math and reading.
  • Betsy's parent's wanted Betsy to learn how to do a trad.
  • Betsy loved to sewing.
  • Betsy worked at a really cool sewing shop.
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