Love Notes from the Library

A Peek Inside Our Shelves

Perfect Periodicals

Many of you are diving into non-fiction right about now. Don't forget about the variety of periodicals we have in the TBD Library! Periodicals are a great way to highlight non-fiction text features like pictures, captions, charts, headings, subheadings and labels.

Here is a list of our periodical collection:

  • Ranger Rick, Jr.
  • National Geographic for Kids
  • Kids Discover
  • Zoobooks
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids

Non-Fiction Text Feature Videos

Videos can help you introduce/review non-fiction text features with your students:

A Golden Resource - The Old Tappan Public Library

As hard as we try we aren't always able to have all the resources you need. However, the Old Tappan Library is a great resource literally around the corner from TBD. They have a great collection of materials. They also have leveled a portion of their children's collection. Check them out!

Old Tappan Public Library

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