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Australian Deals!

Yes, it's true, now you can also call to Australia with some sweet deals.

Deal 1- just 5 cents for every minute you call

Deal 2- start with just 4 cents, plus 4 cents for each minute you talk

Lets Compare!

The table below shows the cost for every minute you talk for both deals.

The Variables

Both the deals depend on 2 variables, the dependent and independent. The dependent variable is the average total cost for the phone call, and the independent variable is the amount of time that you talk for. Therefore, the average total cost depends on the number of time per minute that you talk for.

Calculate Youself

If you want to know how much it will cost you depending on how much you will talk, use our easy, weasy formulas.

For deal 1 - y= 5x

For deal 2 - y= 4x+4

Substitute x with the amount of minutes that you talk for. The cost (y) varies directly with the x.

The formula for deal 1 is a direct variation since it has a variable cost(5) which directly varies with the total cost in cents. Another reason is because, it starts at the point of origin and doesn't have a y intercept.

The formula for deal 2 is a partial variation since it has a variable cost (4) and also a fixed cost(4). Another reason is because, it starts doesn't start at the point of origin and has a y-intercept of 4.

We will make it easier 4 you !

Here's a graph below, which lets you compare, which deal is better. The black line is Deal #1, and the blue line is deal #2.
Big image


Well, which deal is better?

To see which deal is the cheapest, look for the line that is below the other lines, on the graph and also, a point where two lines meet/intersect, for that amount of minutes, the price is the same.

As you can see, it all depends on how long you want to talk for. If you talk for 4 minutes or less, deal 1 is better, but if you love to talk, go for deal 2. If you know that you are going to be talking for only 4 minutes, go for any deal you wish as the price will be the same(shown at point(4,20)where the line intersects).

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