Board Report

May, 2022 Edition

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Energizer Bunny Award

May Energizer Bunny: Courtney Pflueger-Turner

Nominated by: Joeleen Smith

Ms. Turner continues to impress her colleagues as her efforts to support parents, teachers, and students is unwavering. Ms. Turner is responsible for providing instructional support, coaching, diagnostic support, organizing Extended School Year, coordinating preschool transitions, and supporting parents through the IEP process. Ms. Turner attacks each day with energy and positivity. You rarely hear her say “no” to a request even when it means attending meetings through lunch or extending her day. Ms. Turner is a source of rejuvenation for the rest of us as her “can do” attitude is contagious.

Ms. Turner

Shining Star Award

May Shining Star: Amy Baldwin

Nominated by: Amy Smith

Ms. Baldwin always has her sights on bringing the best out of her students. She has worked to use her resources at the school to provide every opportunity for success for all students in mathematics and at school. She is active in the students lives from in class support to outside of school activities and supports during school plays, when they occur. She always asks questions to strengthen the mathematics team and their focus to expand how we offer the best experiences for all students. She sees the best in her students and the teachers she coaches. She is a valuable asset to the county and to Sudlersville Middle School.

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Spirit Award

May Spirit Award Winner: Kristina Gilberto, Queen Anne's County High School

Nominated by: Joeleen Smith

Mrs. Kristina Gilberto has embodied the spirit of Queen Anne's County this school year by being a team player that places the success of her colleagues and students above all else. As the IEP Chairperson she wears many hats to ensure professional compliance, success, and the well-being of her department. During a year filled with novel challenges that required flexibility and creativity Mrs. Gilberto has worked tireless to meet everyone's needs. She is not only responsible for the oversight of the department but also tasked with managing a growing caseload of her own. She works collaboratively with her co-teachers to deliver quality specially designed lessons and tailors instruction to the various needs in her classes. Mrs. Gilberto has never said no when asked to tackle a new challenge or take on another student as part of her caseload. She has managed the needs of herself, the department staff, and her students with a smile. Queen Anne's County Public Schools is lucky to have spirited teachers like her as part of our special team of professionals.

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Centreville Acme Nourishing Neighbors Program

Queen Anne’s County Public Schools would like to thank the Centreville Acme Market for sponsoring the Acme Nourishing Neighbors Program which raised $3,500.00. The Nourishing Neighbors Program helps to eliminate childhood hunger by helping to stock food banks and support meal distribution programs. With the kind donation by the Centreville Acme Market, we were able to continue to support the purchasing of food to be distributed in the Queen Anne’s County Backpack Program at Centreville Elementary School, Kennard Elementary School, Centreville Middle School, Queen Anne’s County High School and ARISE. The donation helps to make sure students who are less fortunate have access to food during the weekends and times when schools are closed. Again, we thank the Centreville Acme Market for partnering with Queen Anne’s County Public Schools and we look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.

No Kid Hungry Maryland

Queen Anne’s County Public Schools would like to honor Sodexo with an award from the No Kid Hungry Maryland program for their work performed through the pandemic as they constantly rose to the challenging task of ensuring meals were getting to students despite supply chain issues, staffing shortages and last minute school closures. Without Sodexo’s efforts, many children and families would have had a hard time accessing the food they so desperately needed. Since schools first closed in March 2020 through September 2021, Queen Anne’s County Public Schools and Sodexo served approximately 584,698 meals through the Summer Food Service Program which operated during the school year as well as the summer. Queen Anne’s Public Schools and Sodexo also provided 80,483 afterschool meals. On behalf of the No Kid Hungry Maryland program, we would like to present you with this plaque honoring your tireless commitment to the students and families of Queen Anne’s County Public Schools.
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April Spotlight

Amy Hudock presented the April Spotlight to shine a light on some of the exciting activities that took place at each of our schools throughout the month of April.


Summary Expenditure Report

Presented by Jane Towers, Chief Financial Officer.

Detail Expenditure Report

Presented by Jane Towers, Chief Financial Officer.

ESSER II Breakdown

Presented by Jane Towers, Chief Financial Officer.

ESSER III Breakdown

Presented by Jane Towers, Chief Financial Officer.

MSDE 180-Day Waiver

Dr. Saelens presented the letter from Mr. Mohammed Choudhury, granting a waiver of the 180 day instructional requirement for the 2021-2022 school year.


Administrative Appointments

Dr. Marcia Sprankle, Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Sprankle was most recently the Assistant State Superintendent of Curriculum, Instructional Improvement, and Professional Learning for MSDE, as well as a former Talbot County administrator. She will be the new QACPS Assistant Superintendent.
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Michelle McNeil, Sudlersville Elementary School Principal

Ms. McNeil is currently the Supervisor of Early Childhood, RELA Pre-K - 2nd, Title I, Title III and Migrant Education. She will be the new Principal at Sudlersville Elementary School.
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Becky Tubman, Grasonville Elementary School Principal

Ms. Tubman is currently the Assistant Principal at Sudlersville Middle School. She will be the new Principal at Grasonville Elementary School.
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Christine Betley, Supervisor of Equitable Access, Opportunity, and Out of School Time Programs

Ms. Betley is currently the Equity Teacher Specialist. She will be the new Supervisor of Equitable Access, Opportunity, and Out of School Time Programs.
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Curriculum Associates - iReady Personalized Learning

The Board approved the contract with Curriculum Associates - iReady Personalized Learning Tracks, Budget Amount $48,689.17, Budget Source, Restricted Operating Budget.

Approval of Policy 505 - Bullying

The Board approved Policy 505, subject to final edits for format and style.

Approval of Policy 534, Pregnant and Parenting Students

The Board approved Policy 534, subject to final edits for format and style.

Edmentum Contract

The Queen Anne's County Board of Education approved the contract with Edmentum in the amount of $44,860.00, Budget Source, ARP Summer School Grant.


The Board approved the five-year FMV lease and related maintenance contract with Nauticon, Fiscal Impact $428,473.51, Budget Source Unrestricted Current Expense Fund.

Transfer Request

The Queen Anne's Board of Education approved Budget Amendment #5 for the Unrestricted Fiscal Year 2022.

Partial VCT Flooring Replacement - KIHS

The Board approved the contract with Continental Flooring Company to complete a partial flooring replacement at Kent Island High School in the amount of $373,380.00, Budget Source Fiscal Year 2022 Maintenance Unrestricted.

Queen Anne's County Healthcare Reserve Fund Request

The Board approved correspondence be sent to Mr. Milton Nagel, Manager, ESMEC to utilize $1,633,000.00 to offset health care costs of employees for the 2022-2023 school year.

QACPS Board of Education Meeting 5 4 2022