6th Grade Science with Mrs. Harnly

Students actively engaged in JOYFUL learning!

Lots of learning going on in these labs!

Students have participated in many labs this year. They have actively built upon many 5th grade standards as well as new essential skill acquirement. Such topics as physical change, chemical change, properties of matter, different forms of energy, such as light and sound waves, the anatomy of the ear and eye, Earth's layers, Earth's natural phenomenon, outer space, ecosystems, biomes, plant functions, plant processes, and so much more!
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Just how does light travel? The Path of Light...

Students practice being able to predict the path of light by understanding light travels in a straight line then bounces (or reflects) off objects projecting images through the eye so that our eyes can then see the objects as our brains receive a message indicating what our vision is seeing. This activitiy was called "Finding Pinky".