Gymnastics Olympics

By: Kaylee Stackis

Gabby Douglas

Have you ever wondered who Gabby Douglas is? Gabby Douglas was born on December, 31, 1995, and was born and grew up on Virginia beach, Virginia. Gabby's parents are Timothy and Natalie Douglas. She also has three siblings, they are Arielle, Jayelle, and Jonathan Douglas.

Gabby became interested in gymnastics because of her sister Arielle helped her get involved. Gabby learned how to do a cartwheel at age three, as well as a one handed cartwheel at age four. Gabby then started formal gymnastics at age six.

She one her first gymnast at a state gymnastics championship at age eight.Afterwards, moved to Illinois to do professional training with a instructor Chow. Gabby then tried out for the 2012 London Olympics on uneven bar she got gold, floor bronze, beam 6th. Gabby was also the first African American to win all around gold medal. Gabby was then the first African American in the Olympics at age 16

London Olympics

What are the Olympics what you were wondering ? The Olympics are held every four years. The Olympics were held in London three times. They were held in 1908 and 1948 along with 2012. The 2012 Olympics date was July 27- august 12.

In the 2012 Olympics 204 nations attended. And so did 10,500 athletes. The price to attend this event is $30-$30,000 depending on the event. And there was over 9,000,000 tickets sold. Also over 500,000 spectators attended.

The opening ceremony was July 27 the closing ceremony was august 12. The cost of the 2012 London Olympic arena was $773,000.And they used 10,00 tons of steel for the arena. It was also a 2.5 kilometer site. Most sporting events were held in this arena.

2016 olympics

Come buy , 2016 Olympic tickets to Rio! The opening ceremony will be August 5, the closing ceremony August 26. Athletes will compete in sports like swimming, athletics, gymnastics,various martial arts, ball sports, weightlifting, and wrestling at the Olympics. So come buy ticket to the 2016 Olympics in Rio!

Top Ten Olympic Gymnists

1. Gabby Douglas, USA

2.Viktoria Komova, Russia

3.Aliya Mustafina, Russia

4.Aly Raisman, USA

5.Larisa Iordache, Romania

6.Linlin Deng, China

7.Qiushuang Huang, China

8.Vanessa Ferrari, Italy

9.Asuka Teramoto, Japan

10.Rebecca Tunney, Great Britain

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