Pride and Prejudice

English 4 project

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A rich man named Darcy was very concieted

Although he had all, his heart was not completed.

Along came a girl named Elizabeth

Her looks were so great, they brought men to death.

Although Darcy was interested, she gave him no mind

She felt as if he was a waste of her time.

As time went on, she saw the light

She soon found out that Darcy was all right.

From then on their love was unbreakable

This was a fact that was unmistakable.


Bingley and Jane fell in love from the start

It was an unbreakable connection deep within the heart.

They danced, and laughed, and smiled with ease

It was a love that made others tremble in their knees.

Until one day an unexpected fate occurred

Their path for love was once obsurred.

Selfishness and greed came over Darcy like a disease

But their love was connected once more without unease.

And they learned that from that moment on

Their love would carry on.

Against P&P

Pride and Prejudice has been a part of the English curriculum for years now. There are many reasons why it would be as well. Pride and Prejudice has been an American favorite for several decades, and many people have fallen in love with the classic novel. Being a teenager, books like Pride and Prejudice don't really apply to me. It is a book set in a time period over 200 years ago. The majority of the literature that we read in high school is set in a period that is almost obsolete to us. It is almost as if our English classes are serving more as a history class considering the things we are set to read. If I were to chose a book to be in the English IV curriculum, it would be A Catcher in the Rye.

While Pride and Prejudice does have some historical aspects to it, Catcher has many more. The only true historical aspects to P&P are the stances of marriage in the 1800’s. Marriage was a source of money and reputation, that was stressed entirely too much in that era. Catcher is a book set more in our time period, the 1950’s, it shows issues that we still deal with now, and that we will continue to go through several decades from now. A Catcher in the Rye deals with issues such as depression, drugs, alcohol, money, growing up, relationships, and things that the common teenager go through on a daily basis. The only issues that the people in Pride and Prejudice go through is the indecisiveness of being in a relationship, or the stress of never getting married. These things don't really matter as much in current times, because who you marry does not determine your social ranking and woman are way more independent now than they were in the 1800’s. I personally just think that adding a new aspect to the literature we read would be a fun experience.