Hello Barbie!

Hello Barbie gets personal with kids!

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Hello Barbie!

Hello Barbie is a toy you can tell all your gossip to and still have fun. Hello Barbie is a new improved toy. In the artical it says,The presenter greeted the doll by saying, "Welcome to New York, Barbie." then the barbie respones,: "I love New York! Don't you? Tell me, what's your favorite part about the city? The food, fashion or the sights?". The Hello Barbie is in the process of work and will be released in the fall.

Is This Creepy or Cool??

Your children might think its cool, but parents on the other hand say its creepy. In the artical it says, The doll contains a microphone that records children's speech and sends it over a WiFi connection to cloud-based servers, where that recording is processed. according to the artical, Mattel says Hello Barbie is capable of learning about its users' preferences. It can also adjust questions to customize each child's experience. The company hopes the high-tech Barbie will boost their sinking sales when it hits store shelves this fall.