George Strait

a bio: by Bryan reed

George Strait start to finish

George Strait was born on may 18 ,1952 in Poteet TX. George Strait was in the U.S. Army for 4 years. Then he was in a band he went platinum in solo records. George Strait is a legend and changed country music forever he is also known to stay true to the country sound.George Strait is a positive influence and country music wold not be the same if he wasn't a country singer.


George Strait and his wife Noma had two children. George Strait JR he had became a country singer like Gorge Strait and Jennifer. Jennifer lived a short life and died at 13 in an automobile accident.George Strait had been threw sume good times and bad times but George Strait always ceep pushing and going hes been to the army and back and he still managed to make people smile.George Strait made a brake threw with the MCA. George Strait made platnem and became a legend.

marriage and children

George Strait was married in 1971 to Narmada Strait. They had two children. Their names where George Strait Jr also known as Bubba and Jenifer. Jenifer died in automobile accident at age 13.George Strait Jr became a country singer like George Strait. He is never as good as George Strait.


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Intresting facts George Strait is moving smoothly still today and if he died today his spiret wold live on in alabama like hank willims.Even thow George Strait is 62 he is still a grate country singe rand still not slowing down.I chose this person because he is a legend and changed country music forever and he is known to stay true to country music