Possession Book Report

Katelyn Janzen

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“Sometimes life doesn't allow us to be free to fly wherever we'd like.”

Young Adult Dystopian Novel

Society is split into two categories of people; the Goodlands and Badlands. In the Goodlands, life is ruled by advanced technology where as in the Badlands, everyone is free. Violet lives in the Goodlands where everyone around her is brainwashed. Her past has left Vi alone with her mother who resents her for the death of her oldest daughter Ty. In the Goodlands, rules are many and strict. Girls and Boys are not allowed to cross paths, but Vi, disregarding most rules, sneaks out to see her match, Zenn. After many offenses against her, Vi finds herself in captivity by the ones in charge (Thinkers). She is roomed with a criminal named Jag. Together, they find a way to escape the technology imprisoning them in order to travel to the Badlands. Vi's father left her family when she was young. He invented a majority of the technology, then moved to the Badlands to live a free life. Once free herself, Vi is shocked by truths about herself and from the past, as well as the feelings she develops for Jag. This book is a suspenseful journey through love and hurt with a theme of sticking to your beliefs.

What did enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed the suspense of this book. It was often confusing with all of the technology, but it was very hard to put down with all of its twists and turns.

Which characters play important roles that relate to the overall theme?

Violet best displays the theme of this book. Disregarding the rules in the Goodlands, Violet sticks with what she thinks is right and believes in, and rebels. She doesn't follow the rules when she sneaks out to see Zenn, and she continuously breaks the law when escaping the Goodlands. Jag is another example of the theme. He believes that people should have their own free will and be able to do as they please, and he does anything he can to remain free.

What was the tone of the book? How was the tone communicated?

The tone in this book was intense and somber. Violet and Jag were constantly on the run with the fear and threat of being caught by the Thinkers, which made the tone intense. A lot of parts were somber because of their unfortunate situation.

If this book is a part of a series, can you provide more information about the series?

Possession is the first in a trilogy with a short story prequel. I haven't read the next two in the series yet but the first one ended with a bad cliff hanger so I'm interested to see what the author does with the story.