Voice activated tv

Voice detector makes things easier!

Product description

Our product comes in pink, green, blue, yellow it's a flat screen any size

Product features

Our product is an voice automated tv that you can control with your hands you can also look up stuff on it and it comes with a cord that you can hook your phone to it and can hook up to any game council.

What does our product do?

Our product is voice activated so you can talk to make it turn on or turn off change the channel and turn the volume up or down

Target audience

This product could be for anyone because they can lose the remote or something they can just do it with your voice but this product is mainly for the elderly because they are old and can barely get up


This product will be $450.00. We have compared this to other T-Vs like the LED HDTV sold at Kmart at $399.99 and SAMSUNG at all fine retailers for $447.99 and lastly SAMSUNG at BestBuy for $499.99


If you are one of the first 100 callers you will get a free set of speakers to go with your tv.


Voice detector television service!

Celebrity endorsement.

Aaron Rodgers recommends this T-V because u don't have to worry about loosing your remote.

Band wagon

Everybody is using the voice detector tv so you should too!!