Lincoln Bulletin

August 14, 2020

Lincoln Bulletin-updates

Lincoln Families:

It was so wonderful seeing all of our in-person students this week. Wednesday Ms. Estabrook our new kindergarten teacher welcomed her students into her classroom. She read them the kissing hand and showed them all around their room, photos above. On Thursday all in-person students came in to meet their teachers, see their classroom, and see the new way they will enter and exit our building. Our arrival plan is linked below, please ensure that you and your son or daughter are familiar with how they are to enter the building. The map is below.

All students entering will need to self- certify and everyone did an excellent job doing this both Wednesday for our kindergarteners and Thursday. Please use this link every morning. Something I have found that has helped me includes the link in a calendar reminder, my alarm goes off and I certify daily. An additional step is added with our luggage tag. Students in grades k-2 each received a luggage tag with a slip of paper inside it. After you certify, please initial below the date. This luggage tag should be zip-tied to the top of your student's backpack and visible to their classroom teacher so we can quickly see that they have been certified. This will be evidence rather than you having to print or send your phone along as we did this week. We will also cross-check daily which students haven't certified using our dashboard.

Please use this link and add to a calendar reminder daily-Please use this Self Certification web site and login using your HAC Parent username and password.

Supply Pick up for ALL remote students and Grade 3-5 in person students

General Information:

To support remote learning, D303 is making devices available for all students. Devices will be available for pick-up at your child’s school according to the schedule listed below. We are also distributing materials and supplies students will need during their remote instruction. This includes math manipulatives, handwriting books, and other books used for instruction.

Kindergarten and first-grade students will receive an iPad, while second-grade students will receive Chromebooks. If you currently have an iPad from the district because you received it last spring. and are now an incoming second graders, you will need to return the iPad and the charging cord and we will give you a chrome book. All devices distributed by D303 are equipped with internet filtering to help keep students safe. These filters do a good job blocking students from inappropriate content. If you have any concerns about improper content being accessed on any district device, please contact D303 IT support at and we will address your concern.

iPads will be equipped with a selection of applications to assist with remote learning that should be familiar to many students. Chromebooks will allow students to access online services and applications similar to those used in their learning experiences at school.

All-District 303 devices are password protected. Parents will receive the passwords during device pick-up. Our youngest students do not always know or remember their account passwords. Please know that help is immediately available for password resets and other issues during business hours M-F at

Device Pickup Process:

Clean, disinfected devices will be distributed to families at the direction of D303 staff from a responsible socially distanced pickup point, directly outside of our school. The following procedures are being put into place to make device pickup available in the safest possible manner.

  • Please know your child’s teacher’s name, and if possible, student ID number, to speed up the pickup process.

Pick-up will take place at the front entrance of Lincoln. Please follow the guidelines below:

PICK-UP - D303 Elementary Student Materials Pick-up

  • Please fill out a blank paper with your family information, or use a piece of paper that includes Name, Grade, and Teacher.

  • Please print each student’s name large and clear.

  • Place in the car front window on the passenger side for staff to view.

  • Please stay in your vehicle. Staff members will place items in your car for curbside pick-up. Please either pop your trunk or open your back door or window from the inside of your car. This will allow our staff members to place your student’s items in your car.

  • No parent/student will be permitted in the school building during this process, we will pick up your returning iPad and charging cord if you are a rising second grader.

Device Pick-up Schedule:

We are asking families to pick up devices and supplies at their child’s school according to your last name and the schedule listed in the chart below. If your schedule does not allow this, you may pick up the device during any scheduled time at your child’s school.

Pick-up Day by Last names

Last Name starts with

A - D- Tuesday, August 18 at the Lincoln front door from 12:30-1:10

E - M Tuesday, August 18 at the Lincoln front door from 1:10-1:45

O - Z-Tuesday, August 18 at the Lincoln front door from 1:45-2:20

Grab and GO Food

Dear District 303 Families, Since March, District 303 has collaborated with our food service vendors to provide grab and go meals for students to enjoy at home. As we move into the school year, we want to make you aware of the procedures for making sure that students continue to receive meals, whether they are learning in-person or remotely. The tables you will find in this document outline the procedures we have put in place to ensure that our student will continue to have access to healthy meals. Families who choose to purchase meals for their children will have their PushCoin accounts debited, unless eligible for free lunch. For more information about eligibility for free and reduced lunch, please contact Patricia Townsend at 331.228.6529.

Remote student-technology support

A live chat service is available for device and system support. This is the best way for families to receive fast technical support for district devices and services. The virtual IT team will be available to assist during normal business hours, but if you leave a message, the support staff will follow up the next business day. Chat support can be accessed by going to

Student Device Exchange
Remote Learners: For problems with a D303 issued device, a socially distanced exchange service is available at the main entrance of the Haines Center. It is recommended to troubleshoot via the above “Live-Chat” service before bringing in a device for exchange.
Haines Center
305 S. 9th Street
St. Charles IL 60174
Monday-Friday 7am - 11am
Parking spaces may be limited. Street Parking is available on the east side of 9th street from 7:00-8:00am and from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

In Person Learners: Please report issues according to your school's procedures.

D303 Student Health Certification Procedures

The below steps outline D303 procedures for Student Health Certification created in conjunction with guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control. The steps in this document are written for students coming onsite the week of 8/10 and are subject to change before the start of school.

On a daily basis, parents (on behalf of their students) and staff will be required to self-certify that they are not experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms prior to entering a D303 school building. NOTE: The self-certification must be completed before your child comes for meet and greet. When you arrive for the meet and greet we will ask you to show the green pass on your phone or the ticket that you have printed.

During the school year you will log in each day and answer the screening questions before your child leaves for school. A luggage tag on your child's backpack will be used for you to indicate a "green pass" or "a clear to come to school". This process will be shared with you next week.


  1. Please use this Self Certification web site and login using your HAC Parent username and password.

  2. Once you are logged in, for each of your students please read the screening questions to determine if your student meets the criteria and is healthy to come to school each day.

    1. You will select No to each of the questions if your student is healthy and ready to come to school.

    2. You will select Yes for any of the questions if your student is experiencing any of the symptoms related to COVID-19.

    3. Once you make your selection, please click Submit. When you select No, the app will present you with a Green Pass; When you select Yes, a Warning will be displayed indicating that your student should not attend school that day.

    4. If you selected No, you will have the opportunity to print a pass for your student, if she/he will not have a device when entering the building (see below).

The video attached was created for our high school parents self-certifying their students for athletic practice. However the same process for be used for the meet and greet and during the school year. video