Architectrual Engineer

My future career

My Job: Wildeck Incorporated

I would be working for a company called Wildeck Inc. This company primarily focuses on making ladders, guard rails, and hand rails. As a Structural Engineer I would have to be able to design work platforms and railings, consult with both customers and sales representatives, and also be able to communicate with project engineers. This job would give me an annual salary of $51,229.

Waukesha, Wisconsin

The town of Waukesha can be found southeast of Green Bay and just outside of Milwaukee. The town itself is filled with history; like the Mukwonago Museum that was built in 1824 which was used as an outpost for explorers. Or even the old train depot that was built in 1925 and now functions as a restaurant. There are also other places to visit like the Milwaukee County Zoo or even a baseball game at Miller Park both of which the whole family can enjoy. There's also plenty of golf courses to choose from like Moor Downs Golf Course if you just want to play a few holes with some friends. The diversity of the weather allows you to enjoy all four seasons. It also has a manageable cost of living at $1,535.13. With this price and my monthly income I would be able to live here. Waukesha is truly a family friendly town.