C V FFO presents Dr. Seuss Week

Oh the Places we will Go in Canyon View 2/25 thru 3/1!

Explore your inner Seuss- "Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”

All students at CV follow the Pillars of Action which are the foundation of the Coyote Code. These pillars are as follows:

Be Trustworthy

1. I will be honest.

2. I will make appropriate choices.

Be Respectful

1. I will listen to and follow directions.

2. I will be kind in what I say and do.

Be Responsible

1. I will complete quality class work and homework on time.

Be Fair

1. I will treat everyone equally.

Be Caring

1. I will have a positive attitude.

2. I will be helpful and encouraging to others.

Be a Good Citizen

1. I will clean up after myself.

2. I will take care of my classroom and school environment.

Dr. Seuss' books have expanded our imagination, encouraged our sense of self-worth and challenged us to make the world and our local communities better places. They've also reminded us that the ideals of freedom, individualism and liberty have always existed in tension with community, restraint and personal sacrifice.

Oh, the Places You'll Go! reads like a sermon on self-improvement and mobility -- two defining characteristics of modern life.

The Lorax alerts us to the environmental consequences of capitalism.

Even as Horton persistently informs us in Horton Hears a Who that "a person's a person no matter how small," he also reminds us that the individual rights of personhood are often secured by the sacrifice of others.

For more than sixty years children and their parents have been reminded what it means to be a good person, citizen and friend. Dr. Seuss remains a window into the deepest convictions and paradoxes of human life. We can only hope that his books will continue to help children of all ages make sense of themselves and their obligations to society.

Week Long Activities-

Dr Seuss Week at CV- Feb 25th –March 1st Dr Seuss’ birthday is on the 2nd of March.

Monday- Introduce Writing program to kids-

The Lorax- What would you do to get people to help our Earth? Kids would sign up and get a pencil with a big mustache on it

Make the suggestion on how kids can relate to responsibility and good citizenship. How does relate to the six pillars.

Horton Hears a Who- As person is a person no matter how small, how do you make someone feel special? (needs work) Kids would sign up and get a pencil with a puff ball on the end.

Tuesday – Favorite Dr Seuss Character – Dress like your favorite character in a Dr Seuss book or wear clothing with a character on it.

Wednesday Twin Day – dress as Thing 1 and 2 with a friend

Thursday- BackwRds Day. Winner of Writing contest Announced

Friday- Pajamma Day