extension project

by Owen kaess


My extension topic is about the early explorers and their life at sea. On topic will be the workers and a little more.


Their were many workers at sea. Most got little pay they only got 10$ on Columbus ship for 1 month. Some people where forced to work. Some kids started working at 7 to 8 years old. The workers also would get beat if they disobeyed orders. That is all about the workers.


Did you know that sailors back then consumed 3000 calories a day?Well they do by eating these foods.

1. salted beef our pork

2. ale wine our hard liquor

3. biscuit our hardtack

4. dried beans peas and rice

And many more some of the foods lead to dehydration. Some have bugs in them.


There where many sicknesses on a boat like scurvy it can rot your teeth and gums and give people a mental breakdown.It also gives you open sores. Scurvy killed 50 percent of sailors.

random facts

Here are some random facts. Sailors had 1 pair of cloths.Fires where only stared in calm weather.Lack of fresh air below deck caused carbon monoxide poisoning. That is all of the random facts.


Well that is all I know right now. In conclusion I think no one would like to be a sailor back then. By
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