Tiong Bahru

Group 6 Geography Project

What is about our Geographical Investigation

Our Geographical Investigation is on research of Tiong Bahru estate on the neighbourhood's culture based on the residents feedback.

Summary of all resident's feedbacks

Based on our interview questions. We interviewed 5 interviewees, and out of the 5 , 3 are males and 2 are females. 3 of them are 60 and above while other 2 aged between 40-49 and 20-29 respectively. Most of the interviewees do not stay at Tiong Bahru as they come to Tiong Bahru to learn more about the historical values in Tiong Bahru. Out of 5 of the interviewees, 4 of them did not stay in Tiong Bahru. 1 out of 4 of them wanted to live in Tiong Bahru as there is more intresting cafe and historical shops. The 3 of them did not want to live in Tiong Bahru as there is no public transport and it is inconvenient.