Professional Development Workshop

With Mrs. April Wells

Using Interactive websites and Manipulatives for Teaching Mathematics in the lower grades

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Hello! My name is Mrs. Wells

I am a first grade teacher at a private school on Long Island. Iv'e taught 1st grade, 2nd grade and also combined 1st/2nd grade multiage classes. I've also taught technology from Pre-K all the way to 6th grade.

I love technology and have been using it since I was a young girl in the 80's. However, today's student is very different from the way we grew up. They are much more involved with technology as part of their everyday lives. They use iPhones and iPads as easily as they breathe and in many cases they can out smart many adults on most devices.

This is why it is so important as teachers that we are familiar with incorporating technology into their learning. However, there should be a healthy balance for children. They still need to communicate and interact socially, write with a pencil, and read actual books!

Today we I would like to show you some great ways to incorporate a little technology into your daily or weekly lessons. I will focus on mathematics and provide you with great interactive resources as well as show you a few simple ways to use your Smartboards as a math manipulative tool.

Below is my contact information should you ever have any questions or need assistance on incorporating technology into your classroom.

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Learning Objectives

  • Teachers should be able to look for and find websites that contain lessons that are interactive in mathematics.

  • Teachers should be able to incorporate interactive activities into their math lessons.

  • Teachers should be able to use the basic functions of the Smartboard in order to create a page with interactive manipulatives for math lessons.

Digital Manitpulatives

Today's Agenda

Workshop length - Approx: 1 hour 20 min


- Discussion on use of technology in the classroom

  • Based on the answers to the survey we will discuss the level of use in the classroom and what do you think is an appropriate amount for students in younger grades? - 10

  • Short video screencast of using Smart Notebook shapes and pictures as manipulatives - 5

· Sign up and create an account for SmartExchange and Explore website - 10

· Sign up and create an account for Teq & explore website - 10

· Visit and explore The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - 15

· A quick look at interactive math games for lower grades - 15

  • Sheppard Software

· Assignment - Teachers will find and download one Smart Notebook lesson that uses math manipulatives to go along with any math lesson your are teaching.

· Closing discussion – What is one we can do this week to incorporate some interactivity into our mathematics lessons? - 10

· Email teachers Smore presentation and all resources

Using Manipulatives on Smart Notebook Software

A guide to incorporating simple yet effective manipulatives into your math lessons and classroom routines.
Using Manipulatives in Smart Notebook
Using SmartExchange
Using Teq
Using LearnZillion


Assignment: Teachers will find and download one Smart Notebook lesson that uses math manipulatives to go along with any math lesson your are teaching. Please email it to me for review and feedback. Please let me know your lesson and how you intend to use the Smart Notebook lesson you downloaded within your lesson.

Due in 2 days


Great Website Resources for you!

Click the embeded link below to get a list of over 10 great online teacher resources that I've compiled. They include the ones we explored at today's workshop.

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