Definition of bullying:

Intentional aggressive behavior. It can take the form of physical or verbal harassment. Also involves imbalance of power.

Types of bullying

  • Physical- biting, kicking, pushing, pinching, hitting, tripping
  • Verbal- sarcasm, teasing, put downs, name calling, rumors
  • Emotional-nasty notes, mean things, humiliation , social embarrassment
  • Sexual- sexual comments, abusive comments, physical contact,
  • Racial- name calling (like nigger)making fun of customs and racial snares
  • Cyber- social media sites, texts, chat sites, cell phones

the criminal consequences

programs to help bullying

Bully Boxx

Bully Boxx is a program that helps stop, prevent, and report bullying! Anyone at anytime can do this program at Portage Middle School. There will be a box in front of the office with forms for you to fill out. We will deal with people who make false reports because we take this really seriously.

Staff training

  • Counseling
  • The investigation training
  • How to handle bully situation
  • Handle fighting
  • How to handle aggressive behavior

help for victim and consequences for bully


  • Consoling at school
  • Schedule change
  • Ask what would make them feel safe
  • Suggest support groups
  • Suggest to have pre-passing
  • And limit time with or near the bully


  • Meeting with parents
  • Detention
  • ISS
  • Suspention
  • Jail/talk to by police
  • Explosion