What is the Zika Virus?

By: Andrew Goforth

What really is the Zika Virus?

The Zika virus is a mosquito carried disease that affects pregnant women and cause growth defects in newborn babies, and currently (as of March 22, 2016) is in a global outbreak, (though mainly in the Caribbean and southeastern US.)

How do I get the Zika Virus?

You get the Zika Virus by being bitten by an infected mosquito, so the best way to prevent the Virus is to not get bitten by mosquitoes. After you begin to show symptoms (see next paragraph) take extreme caution, not to let any more mosquitoes bite you, because that is how the virus spreads.

Symptoms of the virus

symptoms are mild and last less than a week. They include fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes.

How do I treat Zika?

unfortunately, because the Zika fever's symptoms are so mild, actual treatment may not be provided, the person may have no clue if they even have the virus. Once you have been diagosed by a doctor with the virus, then you will have to rest, and be sure to stay hydrated, because there is no cure right now.