Pet Safety

By:Hannah Schiltz

Why it's a problem

The safety issue that I have chosen is pet safety. Many households actually lose many pets due to not updating their homes to accustom the pet they have. Most new pet owners don't realize the dangers of not updating their home so they do very little to make sure that the pet they have gotten doesn't get hurt. They try to teach the new animal to not do certain things so I'm here to help them out.

5 facts for you to know

  1. Cats are well known for finding warm spots in the home, they sometimes even go into the clothes dryer. Most humans don't suspect that cats would do such a thing but they do.
  2. Dogs are known for getting in trouble with other animals such as skunks. We don't know why they feel like they have to go and chase what ever is annoying them.
  3. Approx. 10 million animals are killed each year including pets.
  4. 3-4 million cats and dogs lost from families and abandoned get killed in shelters.
  5. 5,000 pets die from poisoning each year.

5 Ways to Prevent

  1. Put a fence up for your dog. It will make them feel a little over powered by the tallness of the fence but it will keep them safe and keep them away from those nasty little visitors.
  2. Close your clothes dryer.It keeps the cat out and saves your clothes from the horrible cat smell.
  3. Keep your animals on leashes for walks or runs. They could wonder off and get lost.
  4. Don't let your pet out of sight. If they do happen to get lost please look for them right away.
  5. Put all poisonous things high up and away from pets. Some think it's something to drink or eat so they'll go for it when they are hungry.

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