Tech Double Shot!


Feb 9th, 2016 - The Email Issue

It's the Monday morning after the Super Bowl, so there's a good chance that right now you're dreading looking through your email. To help you get a better handle on your inbox, here are a few quick tips.

Shot 1: "Undo Send" in Gmail

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Oh @#$%! I did NOT mean to send that!

Who hasn't sent a message only to wish that you could unsend it? As some will already know, you can!

For years, Gmail has had a hidden "Undo Send" feature, but for a little while now, that feature has been an official feature. See more info here.

To add "Undo Send", all you need to do is:

  1. Click the Cog for "Setting" in the upper right corner of your Gmail account.
  2. Scroll down about halfway on the "General" tab in Settings.
  3. Check "Enable Undo Send", then click "Save Changes"

SHOT 2: The Quest for A Saner Inbox

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Clean Up Your Inbox

Do you already have tens, hundreds, thousands of unread messages? Are you striving for inbox zero? is a tool to help you clean out your inbox. It can help you by grouping related messages and allowing you to organize them in a single step. You can also use it to help with unsubscribing from those annoying promotional offers and newsletters that are clogging up your inbox.
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Filtering the Incoming Messages

Once your inbox is cleaned out, how do you keep it from filling up again?

A great tip for this is to make careful use of Gmail's options for filters and tags. If you aren't already familiar with Gmails filtering options, check out this help page for using filters in Gmail.

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Schedule Emails and Reminders with Boomerang

With a cleaned-out inbox and filters helping in your defense from incoming messages, the last thing left is to better manage the messages you need to keep and the ones you need to send.

Boomerang for Gmail is another tool to help manage your email and to-do lists. Boomerang helps with two specific tasks:

  • Scheduling an outgoing email to send at a later point in time
  • Scheduling an incoming email to return later (like a snooze button for your inbox)

To get started, just click this link to Boomerang for Gmail and follow the instructions there.

You can even use Boomerang to send out a newsletter at 5:30AM so everyone will think you are hard at work when you're really still snoozing away...

Hope you enjoyed Tech Double Shot!

Have a great week!