Harris' Updates

Week of March 23-27

This Week

Monday, March 23rd- MAP Testing

Tuesday, March 24 - Ch 10 Quiz

Wednesday, March 25 - MAP Testing, Blimpie Night 5:30-7:30

Thursday, March 26th - Core Bites Quiz

Friday, March 27th - Chapter 10 Test

*Note: The Core Bites Quiz was moved to accommodate MAP Testing. Chapter 10 Test just announced. I think we can get it taken care of before break, so we don't have that lingering over our heads during Spring Break! :)

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Blimpie Night \Wednesday 5:30 -7:30pm

Math News

We have had many changes in math assessments to accommodate MAP Testing. Students will have a brief quiz tomorrow on Chapter 10. Students will have a Core Bites Quiz on Thursday, followed by Chapter 10 Test on Friday. Students have their Core Bites packet so you can begin reviewing with them. We will finish them up by Wednesday. Chapter 10 Study Guide will be given Wednesday so students have 2 nights to prepare with them. Test will be given Friday. This way students don't have it lingering over their heads during Spring Break. (My hope is no projects, tests, or assignments over Spring Break.... We all deserve a break! :)

Spring MAP Testing Wednesday!

Science News

We will be learning about currents, tides, and waves this week.

Spring Break

All schools and offices of School District Five of Lexington - Richland Counties will be closed March 30 - April 3.

April 6th is a student and teacher holiday. Students & teachers return Tuesday, April 7th.

Enjoy your break and the extra time with your kids. :)

Note: Ms. Harris will have limited access to email during Spring Break. Emails will be checked periodically, but please know that it may not be within 24hrs. :)