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Behind the Scenes With the DLC...

March 2015

Digital Learning Day!

Digital Learning Day was on March 13, 2015 and celebrated the amazing things that are happening in classrooms around the world! Teachers and students demonstrated technology and innovation in the classroom through sharing on social media and observing how others are advancing learning. Learn more at
Have You Heard Of Digital Learning?
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Learning Through OSMO-sis!

DLC Lauren Steinmann wrote a grant for the Tustin Rotary "Good Idea Awards" and recieved $400 to purchase Osmo learning sets. Osmo is a tangible play learning system that uses reflective technology and manipulatives to create a dynamic and collaborative learning experience for students across grade levels and subject areas! Lauren will be using these in classrooms throughout Orchard Hills! Learn more at
Osmo. Play Outside the Screen.

JOT Sessions

Personalized Professional Development continues through weekly JOT (Just One Thing) sessions! Sessions are typically held at both middle school and elementary lunchtimes for the teachers and cover a variety of tools and topics.

CUE Conference 2015

The annual CUE Conference was held in Palm Springs March 19-21. Fellows Alison Bruner, Cori Martin, Christy Platt and Liz Root along with DLC Lauren Steinmann represented Orchard Hills along with nearly 100 Tustin Unified teachers, DLCs and administrators! The conference was filled with innovative and dynamic presentations about integrating technology and instruction in the 21st century classroom, as well as inspirational keynote talks by Jennie Magiera, Sugatra Mitra and Adam Bellow. It was a weekend filled with learning, ideas, and plans for the future of learning!
CUE 2015 Teaser
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