Wrigley Library Happenings

Spring 2016

FOLLETT SHELF: eContent. Anywhere. Anytime.

What is Follett Shelf?

Follett Shelf is a free, web-based virtual bookshelf for our non-Destiny customers. Follett Shelf supports and promotes 24/7 usage of your Follett eContent from home, in the classroom, the library, or from anywhere with access to the web. You can also easily configure your Follett Shelf to allow your teachers and students to read Follett eBooks with a generic username and password or use their own specific login credentials to support online checkouts and/or downloads of your Follett eBooks to PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, and select mobile devices.

How to Access Follett Shelf:

  1. Go to Morgan County home page.
  2. Click on District.
  3. Click on Follett Circulation.
  4. Click on Wrigley Elementary.
  5. Click on Follett Shelf (bottom of the list on left of the page).
  6. Click on login at the very top of the page.
  7. Students grades 2-5 have been given user names/passwords.
  8. Ms. Sarah has the list of user names/passwords if any have been forgotten or if someone new needs to be added.