Orphanage School Bus Project

We need your help!

Would you let a child walk over 10 km in 30 degree + heat in Sub-Saharan Africa to attend school or a medical clinic

Be part of something bigger, help make a change to children’s lives.
Look after the needy & god will look after you!


We are running a campaign to purchase mini buses which would enable us to pick up & drop off these kids & orphans to school & back. Numbers of sponsored kids have exceeded 160 children al humdellah, providing for all educational, medial, foot items & stationary costs, the importance of the bus project & why it is so vital, is due to the nature of the country, average temps can exceed 30°C on a daily basis & you have you girls walking km’s to get to school & back exposing them to many hazards from heat stroke to kidnappings. The buses’ will provide a guaranteed level of stability & security for the kids.