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May 5, 2022

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School Calendar

Click to visit our full school calendar. Wondering if it's an A day or a B day? It's on there too!

Summer School Sign Up

Sign up by MAY 13th

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Follow their Facebook page HERE for updates and opportunities to help.

THANK YOU to all of those who donated towards Teacher Appreciation week! Because of your generosity, we were able to show our support to all SMS staff with a different theme each day!

Our next meeting will be Monday, May 23rd at 5:30pm in the SMS Library.

Mr. Jensen will have a short presentation on our Title 1 program, we will be discussing End of Year Celebrations and 8th Grade Breakfast among other topics!

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Hygiene Drive

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Attn 8th Grade Students and Families

There has been quite a bit of info coming in specifically for 8th Grade families.

All info has been put into this doc and will be updated as more comes in.

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Spring Concert Dates!

Bravo to all our 7th and 8th band students who performed at their Spring concert last night. Kudos to Mr. Langlee and Mrs. Mowers as well. 6th Grade band students will have their concert on May 12th at 2:15pm. This will also be Mrs. Mowers last concert before retirement!
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Incoming 6th Graders!

Please help us spread the word to all incoming 6th Grade families.

Also, all incoming 6th graders will need to choose their music class by May 13th through the Google form sent to parents.

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  • Northern Lights, Bryant, and Lake Superior will be visiting our school during the day with their 5th grade classes on May 25.
  • Cooper, Great Lakes, and Four Corners will be visiting our school during the day with their 5th grade classes on May 26.

Student Advice Column

For incoming students who may have worries:

"To not worry about going into a new school. Yes, it's a new school and it sounds scary but in reality it’s nice and you have more freedom. I used to worry about it when I was going into middle school, but when I got there it was nice. It only took me a couple days to memorize my schedule and I made a lot of new friends. You also don’t need to worry about getting lost or walking into the wrong class because there will be 8th grade leaders and teachers to help you find your way around the school. The 8th grade leaders and the teachers are nice too, so don’t worry about it."

"My advice to you is to have fun because it goes by so fast it's like when you blink you will be in 8th grade. And on your first day ask for help if you need it, because if you don't then you will be more stressed. I didn't ask for help the first day because I was scared to ask, but don't be. And you do not need to worry about getting to your classes on time. It is ok to be a little late in your first week. That is ok because I know I did. And don't be scared about passing time. You have four minutes and you have time to go to your locker, go to the bathroom, or even get a drink of water. Don't be afraid to make new friends."

"Hello I am Maddy and I am an 8th grade student at SMS. Some advice I would give future 6th grade students is there is not as much homework as you will think. It’s all pretty easy and there are lots of great teachers that will help you with the homework. Also don’t worry about not making any friends. You will make some great friends and even I was able to meet my best friends from 6th grade. If you think the school is too big and think you will get lost, don’t worry. On your first few days of school, you will be able to ask the 8th grade leaders for help. Middle school is not as bad as you think. It’s pretty easy and it’s super fun! There are lots of activities and an amazing lunch!"

DC and New York Trip 2023

Message from SMS Social Studies Teacher, Mr. Hoerich:

Dear Parents & Guardians of this year’s 7th and 8th Graders,

I am thrilled to announce that you are invited to our meeting about the Spring, 2023 tour to Washington, D.C and New York for your student. To attend, please be sure to register through this link. This is an amazing opportunity for your student to learn more about our country, gain new perspectives, get out of their comfort zone and build skills for the future. Join us for the chance to enroll and go over everything about the trip including:

· What we’ll see and do

· Travel logistics

· Safety and flexibility

· Affordable payment options and more

When: May 11th @ 6:30 PM

Where: The Library. To attend, you must register through this link.

Questions? Email Me:

Register to attend our meeting using this link. If you can’t make the meeting, but would still like to learn more, select: “No, but send more information” to stay informed.

I look forward to seeing you there!

- Mr. Hoerich

PS - A separate meeting will be held in the fall for this year’s 6th graders for their trip in 2024.

Sponge Bob The Musical

We have 5 students who are participating in the high school's production of The Spongebob Musical.

Dejah Anderson

Justin Campbell

Alexis Hamilton

Callie Peterson

Johnathan Verrill

Tickets for The Spongebob Musical are now on sale!

Friday, May 13 @ 7

Saturday, May 14 @ 7 (ASL interpreted)

Sunday, May 15 @ 1

SHS Performing Arts Center

$8 for students, $12 for adults

STUDENTS: Come dressed in your best pirate outfit, and get a student ticket for just $5!!

Tickets are available at the door before each show or pre-sold on our website:

Food Service

Our food service provides FREE breakfast, lunch, and dinner at SMS. Find our school menus HERE.

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Health Office

To help reduce the calls coming in to our health office, here is a friendly reminder to find all COVID resources in the button below. This site includes guidance for isolation and quarantine to determine your child’s expected return date along with other helpful information.

Click to visit our District's COVID-19 resources

District Employment Opportunities

Click here for certified and support staff openings

Community Bulletin Board

Click here to find activities happening in the community including sport and summer camp

Superior Middle School

Principal - David Jensen, Ext 31114

Assistant Principal - Carrie Thompson, Ext 31125

Assistant Principal - Aaron Fezzey, Ext 31116

Interim Assistant Principal - Jody Geissler, Ext 31128

Interim Dean of Student - John Reker

Interim Dean of Students - Elisha Hebert-Johnson

8th Grade Counselor - Emma Coenen, Ext 30215

7th Grade Counselor - Maryann Bonneville, Ext 30214

6th Grade Counselor - Claire Illies Ext 30213

School Psychologist - Dawn O'Handley, Ext 31115

School Social Worker - Marah Evans

School Nurse - Jennifer Marsh, Ext 31117