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JANUARY 2015--What's Happening in the Library

Come by the library to pick up a new book to read!


Kat Falls has written a creative new dystopian fantasy, with just enough romance to entice young readers. This world lives in fear of a dangerous infection (sound familiar?). If you are suspected of being infected you are banished to the outer realm. When Lane is picked up by the police and tested, she has no idea why. It is revealed that her father is a "fetch" (someone who goes to the outer realm and returns with objects and riches) she can't believe it. But her captors want something from her, and they send her to the outer realm, full of creatures who are infected and feral, half animal-half human. Good characters and a spunky heroine make this a gripping read. upper middle/high school

Buzz Kill

Comedy, murder, and great characters make up this entertaining read. Millie Ostermeyer is different, she loves the philosophy club (although she's the only member), she hates French class and the feeling is mutual from her teacher, and she is a hot shot reporter who knows a good story when she sees one. And the murder of the volatile and controversial football coach is a good story! Another good story is the cool, aloof and very handsome new quarterback. Why does he keep to himself, why is he so determined to never reveal his past? What's a good reporter to do? Investigate, of course. But Millie never dreams her investigation could implicate someone very close to her, and lead her to secrets better left undiscovered. Highly readable, middle/high school.