Early Ojibwe

Spring - Ziigwan

Maple Sugar

In Spring, the Ojibwe reunited in maple sugar camps after they haven't seen each other in Winter. In the maple sugar camps they started the process of making maple sugar, tapping it out of maple trees. Then when they get all the maple sap they can, they boil it in a bit pot until it turns into the right kind of liquid/solid they stir it and then it turns into the maple sugar.


The Ojibwe made canoes in the spring, they made them out of birchbark. They make the frame of the canoe out of cedar, the cedar is a strong but lightweight wood. Then they wrap birchbark around it with twine made of spruce roots to hold it together, and lastly they seal it with spruce gum. All of the people helped make canoes, men, women, girls, boys.