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Term 4 Week 5 2021

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Kia ora koutou

Welcome to week 5.

I have left the information below in todays newsletter again as a reminder to our parents and whanau of the requirements of the Covid Order coming into effect today.

This means that all of our staff are required to be vaccinated. Parents who help put with things like sport, road patrol, PMP etc must have had their first vaccination by today. If not then unfortunately they will not be allowed to continue helping out in these areas. They will need to have had 2 vaccinations by 1 January. This is all explained fully below.

Vaccination Requirements Explained

Everyone who works for a school or kura who may have contact with children or students or will be present at a time when children and students are also present must have had a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by 15 November and be fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022. This includes parents and volunteers who want to come onto our school grounds when children are present..

From 1 January 2022, schools and kura must only allow those that are fully vaccinated to provide onsite services.

This includes:

  • principals
  • teachers
  • relief teachers and casual staff
  • administration staff
  • caretakers and cleaners
  • contractors and other tradespeople
  • service managers
  • parents/caregivers and other staff.

This means that both school staff and volunteers who are involved in EOTC and coaching school sports should have had a first vaccination by 15 November and be fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022.

Please also remember that everyone is required to wear a mask if you need to come onto the school site to the office.

Please help us to keep everyone safe and healthy at TAPS.

Ngaa mihi nui

Kevin Johnson

Principal / Tumuaki

Year 8 HPV Vaccinations and Year 7 Boostrix Vaccinations

The Public Health Nurse workforce is supporting the Ministry of Health Covid screening, contact tracing and vaccination programme.

When time has permitted some of the Public Health Nurse (PHN) team has been able to continue with the delivery of the school based vaccination programmes. The team have completed round one of the Year 8 vaccinations and some of the Year 7 vaccinations.

Round two of the Year 8 vaccinations and the outstanding Year 7 vaccinations are due but because of the current alert levels and the Covid work required of the PHN team the school immunisation programme is on hold.

There may be an opportunity for the Public Health Team to come to schools at short notice to complete these vaccinations but this is an unknown at this time.

If they are unable to complete these vaccinations by the end of the school year then parents are asked to take their child to their GP practice for their free Year 7/8 vaccinations themselves.

Parents on School Grounds

No parents are permitted on the school grounds except if you are visiting the school office.

If you do come onto the school grounds to visit the office then you are required to wear a mask and to sign in at the office for our contact tracing. Please also scan in using the QR code on the office window.

Please also wear a face mask in the car park if you are getting out of your car to pick up your child from the front of the school as this is still on school grounds. Thank you for yourhelp with this. We do appreciate your support at this uncertain time.

We need to keep everyone safe.

Children Starting School In Year One in 2022

If you have a child who will be starting school in the first three weeks of term one and you have not, as yet, informed the school, we ask that you do so immediately. Please let Lucy, in the office, know as soon as possible. We need to know this so we can allocate your child a class and also we would like to make arrangements with you for a couple of class visits in Room 1 before the end of November.


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AP&H Show Results

5-6 Year Old Rural Themed Poster

3rd Boaz Hughes

5-6 Year Old Decorated Spoon

2nd Logan Farley

3rd Poppy Hunt

7-8 Year Old Rural Themed Poster

1st Rhylen Lemon

3rd Karli Ranger

7-8 Year Old Craft Item

1st Maison Hunt

2nd Nassou Camara

3rd= Phoebe McCoskrie

3rd=Karli Ranger

7-8 Year Old Decorated Spoon

1st MaryJane Meagher

2nd Caitlin Wium

3rd Karli Ranger

7-8 Year Old Points Prize:

1st= Karli Ranger

1st= Rhylen Lemon

9-10 Year Old Craft Item

1st Tyler Edwards

1st= Lincoln Edwards

2nd= Kanwal Singh

2nd=Natalie Donaldson

2nd Arya Paudel

3rd=Harmony De Young Jones

9-10 Year Old Decorated Spoon

1st Keira Johnston

2nd Arya Paudel

3rd Alice Melrose

9-10 Year Old Points Prize

1st=Tyler Edwards

1st= Lincoln Edwards

2nd Keira Johnston

11-13 Year Old Sketch

1st Perryn Diprose

2nd Tessa Hargreaves

3rd Sunny Williams

11-13 Year Old Rural Themed Poster

2nd Chloe Browning

11-13 Year Recycled Craft Item

1st Mason Hirawani

11-13 Year Old Points Prize

1st Mason Hirawani

2nd Perryn Diprose

5-9 Year Old Model

1st Nikita Harrison

2nd Sadan Camara

3rd Ismene Reason

5-9 Year Old Craft Item

1st Harmony De Young Jones

2nd Natalie Donaldson

3rd Arya Paudel

5-9 Year Old Decorated Card

1st Nate Smith

2nd Natalie Donaldson

3rd Layton Hunt

5-9 Year Old Points Prize

1st= Harmony De Young Jones

1st= Nikita Harrison

2nd Natalie Donaldson

10-13 Wood/Metal Item

1st Brodie Hazelton

10-13 Year Old Decorated Card

1st Taylin Orr

2nd Eden Te Huia

3rd Jasmine Rongo-Liddle

10-13 Year Old Points Prize

1st Brodie Williams

2nd Taylin Orr

Photo Entries

1st Sienna Peake

2nd Joshua Den Boer

3rd Lucas Byers

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As per information in previous newsletters, this is a reminder that all students aged 12 and over are required to wear a face coving (eg. a mask) while on school transport under all alert levels. This is for both Ministry and regional council operated services. For families who have a student of this age, please make sure they have a mask if they use the bus service to and from school and for when they go to Technology at Te Aroha College. We appreciate your support with this.

Students are also reminded they need to stay seated on the bus and ensure that they do not make unnecessary noise that is distracting to the driver.

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Despite my (Megan Paul) many requests to be informed if children are unable to play, on Friday night we were left in a very embarrassing position. In the Under 9s we have 13 children in the squad, and yet when we went to take the field we only had 4 players. I knew about 3 children not being there, the rest I didn't know about until just before the start of the game and this simply is not acceptable. If your child is sick or not coming then I need to be told. With this team we could have pulled in other people or defaulted, instead we were left looking a bit silly. Well done to the children who did turn up . St Joseph's lent us some players and in the second game they just played short. Please don't just think - they have heaps of players as clearly lots of people thought that.

Each of the other teams also had children who just didn't turn up. Many children have now just played 1 out of 3 weeks. So unfortunately I have decided that from now on, if you don't turn up you are no longer in the team and will be replaced. I am really sorry it has come to this but in team sports there is no place for unreliability.

Junior Athletics Day

Our budding athletes in Waihou Hub.

Class and Individual Photos

This is to remind parents that we will be having class and individual photos on 25 November.

Further information regarding photographs will come home closer to the time.

Key Term Dates


1. School opens for term four - 18 October 2021

2. Class and Individual Portrait photos - 25 November 2021

3. Yr7&8 Camp 1 - 3 December

4. Planned Yr7&8 Social

5. Planned Final Assembly Friday 10 December 10.30am - 12.00pm

Classroom Round Ups

Rm 1 Mrs Johnson

Wow ! Week 5 already, the term is racing away! Well done to all our athletes, you all did a great job participating in all the events this week and we can see that you really gave it your best .I will be out of the class on Tuesday and Friday this week and Mrs Maisey will be teaching Room 1 again.

This week our sounds are t, b, p and f. We will practise these using the Casey caterpillar prompts. Our focus this week is dictated sentences, children need to be able to hold a sentence in their head and write it down, reading as they go to check it makes sense. It must start with a capital letter, end with a full stop and spaces between words. We have linked this to our story writing as well. In Maths we are working on teen numbers and what it means ( e.g 10 +4 =14) and the difference between the teen and ty numbers.

This week our theme is kindness and using our superpower of kindness.

Rm 2 Mrs McGhie

Kia Ora. Week 4's nursery rhyme was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The children enjoyed learning the actions for this nursery rhyme. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful week weather wise so the children enjoyed doing their writing on the deck and performing well in athletics. It was so great to see all the children giving it their all despite the heat. The week ahead will involve doing art that we missed out on last week and another nursery rhyme to learn as well as continuing with writing awesome stories, counting and adding and sounding out when reading. Please remember I am happy to answer any questions via email or Seesaw. Have a great week.

Rm 3 Miss Swan

Kia ora koutou,
Welcome to Week 5! Room 3 had a great time at our Waihou Hub Athletics Day last. I was very proud of the good sportsmanship that Room 3 displayed! Ka mau te wehi!

Writing: Our focus this week is where and how to use adjectives to make our writing exciting.

Reading: Reading books will come home from Monday- Thursday. Our spelling words and phonic sound for the week is i_e (long i sound) as in ‘slide’. Well done to those tamariki who continue to work hard on your spelling words!

Maths: We are beginning to look at place value with two and three digit numbers.

Reminders for the week

  • Please bring along a drink bottle and your school sunhat everyday! The weather is very hot and we need to be sun safe.

  • Homework for the week: Maths worksheet, spelling and daily reading book.

  • Please remember to bring along book bags and homework notebooks everyday. Room 3 needs their notebooks for word work during class times.

  • Please continue to check for head lice as they seem to be present!

Please remember you can contact me via Seesaw and email mswan@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Have a wonderful week!

Rm 5 Miss Entwisle

We are super proud of how well our class entries did at the AP&H Show. Miss Entwisle will be busy with testing, so we welcome Mrs Maisey in on Monday. Our Spelling words this week are all about ock and wh. In Mathematics we are continuing our Geometry unit, looking at lines, open and closed shapes, as well as 2D and 3D shapes. For those children who are motivated to do extra learning at home, our Spelling words, Weekly Poem and other Home Learning based tasks are shared each week via the Seesaw activity section. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email at mentwisle@tearohaprimary.school.nz or through the Seesaw message function.

Rm 6 Mrs Bankier

In Room 6 this week we are learning about measurement. On Friday we designed paper planes to measure the distance they can fly. We will be having a challenge to see which plane can fly the greatest distance.

Our Pause, Breathe, Smile lessons continue with Mrs O'Connor this week

We are writing our own creative stories (narratives) during our writing lessons this week.

Will will also be learning about sun safety this week as a mini unit heading towards Summer coming. Please remind your child to bring their school hat to school if the haven't already.

Have a great week.

Rm 7 Mrs Paul

This week in reading we will be looking at the famous New Zealanders who appear on our money notes. Ask your child about them- they may know a lot more than you do!!! Not only are we learning who they are, and what they have contributed to our history, but we are using the many reading skills we have learned along the way.

In Maths we are continuing Mental Strategy but also looking at 'Circles" and calculating radius and diameter.

We are still learning timetables and having spelling words each week.

As we head into the last 4 weeks of our year, we will be having a look at how celebrations happen around the world. It is a great chance to look at how we celebrate differently even tho we live in the same country.

We are still not 100% sure about our pool trip- we will continue to plan as if it is going ahead- and time will tell.

Rm 8 Mrs Young

Writing focus - Character Writing

We will commence a mini unit on SPANISH this week :)

Mrs Young will be busy finishing off testing for reports on Tuesday.

Yr 7-8 Camp update - Busy planning the menu! Not long to go now!

Yr 6 End of Year Fun Day - extra forms were sent home, thank you for your prompt return with this,

Maths. Measurement - Area and Perimeter. We have mini mathletics workbooks we are busy completing.

Reading - Our book this term is a Kind of Spark, this will focus on Comprehension as well as many hand on activities.

Kapa Haka is on Monday with Mrs B and Matua.

Online interactive quiz with detailed answers. Please login via https://socrative.com/ Click on Student Login and enter TAPSROOM82021. Whanau can also take part every week!

Home Learning - Library Books + EPIC Reading. Mathletics + Prototec + Weekly Quiz

Email- kyoung@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Rm 9 Mrs Gamble/Mrs Hodgetts.

After a huge week of testing we are looking forward to getting back to our normal routine. We have been very impressed with everyone's results over the last few weeks as well as our attitude towards testing. We hope you managed to check out some of the amazing sketches displayed at the AP&H show.

Literacy: We are going to focus on writing over the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing what everyone is able to craft.

Mathematics: We will continue to delve further into our Statistics strand. Students will look at different types of graphs and how they can be used to display data.

Camp: Please get those permission slips and agreements back ASAP.

Reminders: Juicy Tuesday - bring $2 if you wish to buy a juicy. Bring a drink bottle as fountains are off at level 2.

Homework: Spelling, weekly quiz, mathletics tasks, and reading 20-30 minutes each evening.

Have a great week everyone.

Rm 10 Mrs Brittenden

Kia ora koutou. Hola, ¿cómo estás?

We are enjoying our Spanish sessions and are developing confidence and skill in holding a simple conversation. This will continue over this week.

As the end of the year approaches, I would like to remind students that I still have high expectations of them and that they need to think, be kind and continue to make good choices. Over the last week, we have had a few incidences in the playground, where students have not done this. We always like to end the year on a positive note and I would be grateful for your support in reminding your child of the expectations we have for their attitude and behaviour.

Maths - we continue working with data to interpret and display. One group will also be working with multi-variate data to notice patterns and draw conclusions.

Literacy - I am really looking forward to the completion of our writing task this week, where students are completing a character description of a person who inspires them. This may require some research!

Face Masks - a reminder that students who are aged 12+ years need to have a face mask for the Tech bus on Fridays.

Looking forward to a great week.

Arohanui - Mrs B dp@tearohaprimary.school.nz


Below is the lunch menu for week five.
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