Attila and Kasich for President

By : Sophia & Angie

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Attila the Hun: Achievements

1.Expansion of the Hun Empire

Significance:The expansion of the Hun Empire led to create on of the biggest expanding empires.
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Why Me?

1.Good Emperor

Support: The expansion of the Hun Empire led to create on of the biggest expanding empires. Civilization : Hunnic. Attila the Hun was one of the most successful rulers of the Hunnic Empire, attacking the Eastern and Western Roman empires.

2. Invaded the Bad

During his rule he was among the direst enemies of the Eastern and Western Roman Empires: he invaded the Balkans twice and encircled Constantinople in the second invasion.


Negative quality, mistake, comment:

  • Attila the Hun and his brother, Bleda, were named co-rulers of the Huns in 434. Attila killed his brother to become king of the Hun Empire.

Defense:Attila became the 5th century king of the Hunnic Empire, and the sole ruler of the Huns.

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Running Mate: John Kasich



JobsOhio is a non-profit organization staffed by industry experts that can move at the speed of business.

JobsOhio is arranging the state as a go to location for aerospace, advanced manufacturing, biohealth, financial services, logistics and information technology.

War/Foreign Policy/ Immigration

Immigration: Provide a way for immigrants to become legal citizens

Crime & Punishment/ Other

Support: Abortion : John encourage adoption for women that decide to abort their children .Kasich is committed to helping children in foster care find good families

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