From "The Follies Of Midas"

Why I Picked Midas

Midas is the king and main character of this myth. In this myth the people refer to him as stupid, greedy and foolish. Midas demonstrates these characteristics because he is constantly finding himself in trouble which often makes the myth more entertaining. There are also many morals you can learn from Midas. I'm glad i read this myth because I truly did learn a lot and feel like i discovered another side of Greek mythology.

What Is " The Follies of Midas"

The myth starts with Silenus a Satyr walking trough the forest on his way to see his foster son Bacchus who is also the God of wine. On his way he took a nap in the forest. While Silenus was resting he was found by servants of king Midas and was taken the the kings palace. Silenus and Midas became friends and had feast together for ten days. After this Silenus decided to continue his journey this time with Midas. When they found Bacchus he Insisted for Midas to take a gift for helping Silenus. The greedy king replied by saying he would like everything he touches to turn to gold. As Bacchus promised he granted Midas wish. As soon as Midas reach his palace he gathered all his servants and told them he wanted to have a grand feast. That evening fifty guest gathered for the feast and were very amazed by the golden decorations. As everybody began to eat Midas quickly realized that everything that touched his lips turned to gold. Some people tried to help the king by feeding him but nothing worked. The next day Midas looked for Bacchus to lift when curse. When he found him Bacchus told him to go to the River Pactolus and stand under the waterfall. All the water that hit Midas body turned to gold. The curse went away but it wasn't long before Midas go himself into trouble again.

the picture below shows King Midas and his guest as all the food turned to gold.

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There's More To Every Story

Not all versions of this myth have a happy ending. From my research I found that in most versions Midas had a daughter who turned to gold when he hugged her. Some even say he starved to death. The myth " The Follies Of Midas" better known as ”King Midas And The Golden Touch" takes place in Phrygia. Also in other retells of the story king Midas found Silenus napping in his rose garden. This myth refers to one of the most known beliefs of Greeks the punishment of greed.

The picture to the above shows Midas with his daughter after her turning to gold.

Caracter Trait Of Midas


To be greedy means to have or show an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power. Midas demonstrates this character trait because even though he was very wealthy he still wanted more.


To be excessively concerned with material possessions. This ties with being greedy thought king Midas had a lot he wanted a lot more.


A person lacking good sense or judgement; unwise. Midas demonstrates this when making his wish and also on another occasion when he insulted a God which resalted in him receiving the ears of a donkey.

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