The Cold War

Rebecca Wolliston

What is Containment? Why was this important in delaying the Cold War?

The prevention of Soviet influence and the spread of communism. The Soviets wanted to spread communism. But the United States wanted to spread democracy.

Without containment, the spread of communism would have led to the domino theory. meaning that if communism leaked to near countries it would take down all others with it. This basically saved the U.S. from losing more countries to communism.

What is the Yalta Conference? Why was it important in delaying the Cold War?

The conference where the “Big Three” agreed on certain things. Such as: dividing Germany in zones of occupation, USSR paying for damage and loss, and USSR helping fight with Japan.

Everyone was able to agree on things, and be happy with what they were expecting to get. Everything would be good as long as every promise was kept.

What is the United Nations? How did this delay the Cold War?

A peace organization with 48 countries. Including United States and Russia.

These nations could intervene, vote, and solve whatever issue was out there.

What is the Berlin Airlift? How did it delay the Cold War?

American and British officials flew food over west Berlin. The Soviets tried to make Western Berlin give in by starving them.

West Berlin was not completely helpless because they had the support of the allies.

What is Brinkmanship? How did it delay the Cold War?

Going on the edge of war in response to the enemies threats. If the Soviets attacked the U.S, we would go all out back at them.

This could potentially keep the other country down(Soviets).

What is the Truman Doctrine? How did it delay the Cold War?

Giving aid to countries that weren’t any specific government, but was threatened by the communists.

This delayed the cold war because helping the free countries would likely win them over to the democratic side. As opposed to joining the communists and creating a greater threat.

What is the Marshall plan? How did it delay the Cold War?

Materials were provided to restore and rebuild Western Europe.

This sparked economic interest and restored the confidence of the Europeans.

What is the 38th parallel? How did it delay the Cold War?

This was the line that separated North Korea from South Korea after World War II ended.

This line divided Korea after the war. The North surrendered to Stalin and the Communists. The South surrendered to the Americans and became non-communists. This separation encouraged the Cold War.