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Year 2 - The week ending October 21, 2022

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Thank you for Partnering with Us

Conferences concluded on Thursday and we had an excellent turn out. If you were unable to come in this week, please reach out to schedule a time with your child's teacher to come in. I was able to sit in on several and I am absolutely filled with pride hearing about the growth our students are making and how we are facing challenges that may arise.

During conferences you were asked to sign our Title I compact. It is a document that is signed by parents/guardians, students, the classroom teacher, and myself assuring what we are each prepared to do to support OUR GRAY HAWKS. If you were unable to attend, your child's teacher will send this home and we ask that you read the document, sign it, and return it to school next week. Since Gray Hawk is a Title I school, this is a required document for us to collect and have on record if the Kansas Department of Education were to audit us. If you have any questions or concerns about signing this document, please reach out to me. I have also included a copy below so that you may print off your own copy and return it to school instead of waiting for the document to arrive in your child's backpack.

Remember, if you attended conferences in person you should have already signed this with your child's classroom teacher.

Conference meals and snacks

Our deepest gratitude to OUR amazing PTO and OUR entire GHES community for your kindness in providing meals and snacks during conferences. It was so appreciated to have food and drinks during this time! Thank you!!!

Parent Climate Survey

Please take a moment to share your feedback with us on our Parent Climate Survey issued by the USD 458 School District. You can find the survey at The survey is open until October 24. Thank you for taking the time to have your voice be heard.
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Fall Party, Parade, and Safety Protocol

We are excited to host the Fall Celebration on Monday, October 31. There is a lot of information below that is crucial for each family to read and understand.

  • If your child is wearing a costume, it must be worn to school. We will not be changing into costumes during the day to lessen the impact on learning.
  • Masks may be worn DURING THE PARADE but will need to remain in backpacks until that time.
  • NO make up/scary paint/gore or fake weapons. Thank you for making this kid friendly for all of OUR GRAY HAWKS.
  • If your child is not allowed to participate in an event like this, please let your child's classroom teacher know so that we can have an alternative option available during the parade and classroom celebration.

The parade will begin at 2:50 pm, followed immediately by the classroom celebration. At this time we are planning on having the parade on the playground (weather permitting) and are working on a procedure that ensures each child can showcase their costume for all onlookers. Guests will gather in the predetermined area and students will parade to the assigned area. Dr. Springer will send out that procedure in the Community Nest next week.


If you plan on attending the party that will immediately follow the parade, we are asking that you fill out this form: FALL PARTY GUEST SIGN UP FORM

Please submit your name and the names of any adults that will be attending all school gatherings such as seasonal parties or other special school events. Dr. Springer will send out this form when it is necessary in The Community Nest and via Skyward. Teachers will also send this out in weekly communication as necessary. Please remember that we ask that younger siblings not attend this event as it is a special time for your Gray Hawk and we are not able to guarantee treats, crafts, and other experiences to additional students that are not in the class. (We can't wait to have your younger child(ren) experience the parties when they become Kinder Hawks in the future) :)

Why are we doing this? The safety and security of OUR GRAY HAWKS is paramount! When we have an all school event during the school day when OUR students are in session, we need to do everything that we can to ensure we know who is in OUR school. By signing up, you are in essence, pre-registering for the event. By doing this, we will have a Visitor's Badge already filled out for you.

PLEASE NOTE: We will ask that you show your ID to be able to get a Visitor's Badge, so please have it with you. I know this is a minor inconvenience but one that gives us more peace of mind in knowing who is here.

What if I don't sign up ahead of time? We want OUR GHES families at school and attending these special events. We would NEVER turn you away. When you arrive you will need to let us know who your child is, show your id, and we will write a Visitor's Badge for you and welcome you in. It just makes the process much more efficient if you do it all ahead of time.

We will send out details with event specific information each time this protocol will be used.

Thank you for your understanding and partnering with us to do all we can to keep OUR GRAY HAWKS safe.

Veteran's Day Program at GHES on 11/10 at 2:45

We will be having a Veterans Day Program to honor the veterans in our community on November 10th at 2:45 pm. This program will take place in the Gray Hawk Elementary gym. Everyone is welcome to attend! We will have a speaker, as well as performances from each grade level.

If you have a loved one who has served, please fill out this form so we can honor them:

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Gray Hawk Neuro-News

This video reframes a trauma perspective in terms of learning brain versus survival brain as a way to make it easier for teachers to talk about trauma with students. I love Dr. Ham's explanation about survival brain and learning brain and it is important that we understand this foundational knowledge as we continue to work with students who are living in their survival brain.
Understanding Trauma: Learning Brain vs Survival Brain
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Gray Hawk Community Feedback

Think of this as a digital suggestion box. Drop your thoughts, ideas, praise, comments, questions, or concerns here.