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Homer Flex High School - Week of October 13, 2022

Upcoming Dates

October 14: Staff inservice - no school

October 27 - 28: Student-Led Parent Teacher Conferences

November 11: Early Release

November 23: End of Rotation Two

November 24 - 25: No school - Thanksgiving Break

November 28: Start of Rotation Three

December 9: Early Release

December 19 - January 2: No school - Winter Break

January 3: Staff inservice - no school

PE Trip to the Beach = Art Installation

The REC Room is Coming to Flex

In support of healthy development of our student body and to reach health standards required by our school district we will have guest professionals from the R.E.C. Room of Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic’s Peer Education team cover the Comprehensive Sexual Health lessons on October 31st - November 4th, 2022. KBFPC was founded in Homer in 1983 as an independent organization and is not a part of any national organization. The lesson package offers a comprehensive approach to Sexual Health and Wellness, covering topics on healthy relationship skills, changes during puberty, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy prevention (abstinence and contraceptive methods such as condom use), sexual identity, communication (negotiation/delay/refusal skills), and decision making based on body regulation techniques and understanding of adolescent brain development.

The KPBSD curriculum offered to our students is informative and valuable. All of the students will be asked to do a homework assignment with a safe adult such as parent/guardian to explore current topics, family values and create an opportunity for important personal dialogue. You as a parent/guardian, are clearly important in your teen’s education, and we want you to be involved. Statistics show that students who have been exposed to a comprehensive sexual education program and who have a safe and trusted adult to talk to about their sexual health are more apt to make better decisions in regards to delaying sexual activity and be less likely to become a teen parent.

If you have specific questions, thoughts, or concerns you can call the school at 907-235-5700. If you do not want your teen to be in class for this unit, fill out the back side of this form and return it. If you would like to contact the R.E.C. Room staff to ask questions or to find out more about Adult Workshops, feel free to contact them at 235-3436 x109. Materials within this lesson package are available at your school or upon request from the R.E.C. Room. You may also email Tyler Schlieman (Peer Education Coordinator) at The R.E.C. Room staff absolutely love answering your questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

If you want your child to be in class, you do not need to send this form back in; however, please keep this letter available in case any questions arise over the course of their Comprehensive Sexual Health lessons.

The Opt Out form is below.

Online Student Forms

We have received a handful of the Student Forms from parents/guardians. Thank you to those who have filled them out! It is important that all parents/guardians complete these online forms for their student for the 2022-2023 school year. Please take a few minutes to make sure we have accurate information for your student. If you have any questions, please call the school at 235-5558. Thank you!

Click the button below to go to the Parent Portal.

1. Sign in or create your parent account.

2. Check to make sure your student(s) is listed. If not, click "Add Student".

Please be sure you fill out the following forms. If a form is not assigned to you, click the add button to add it to your profile.

Returning Student Information Update

Parent/Student Handbook Letter

School Survey Parent Release

Student Injuries Parent Letter

YRBS Permission

Title 1 E-Rate Household Survey/Free-Reduced Lunch

If you wish your student to be eligible to check out a Chromebook, you will also need to add the Devise Checkout Agreement.

KPBSD Calendar Committee

The KPBSD Calendar Committee is looking for people to fill the vacancies. If you are interested, please see the two attachments below. The application is due to District Office on October 21, 2022.

Flex Digital Citizenship

As we return to our classrooms after so much time spent with online learning, the staff here at Flex have noticed a significant increase in distracted cell phone and technology use by our students. Part of our mission here at the school is to help students learn to live "adult lives," and with that comes the responsibility to act responsibly, especially with technology. Teaching students when it is appropriate to be use cell phones and be on non-educational content is the first step in this process. We are implementing new strategies to address this situation in our classrooms, and plan to employ community circles to facilitate discussions between students and staff. We realize that cell phone use, especially text messages, have become part of everyday life, and we hope to help students learn when and where it's appropriate to check them. You can help your student while they are in class by calling the office to leave messages and as a way to contact them in case of emergencies. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you for your support!

Substitutes Needed!

Click the link below to apply to be a substitute! KPBSD increased the pay for both teachers and support staff subs last year, plus you get to choose when and where you work! If you have any questions, please call Beth at 235-5558 or click the button for more details.