Karly's Kabbage Indicator!

Use Karly's Kabbage, it won't cause you any damage!

Why is this such a great product?

Who would've thought you could conduct such a fun and affordable experiment! This is one of the best indicators you can find! It is non-toxic, affordable, easily accessible, safe, and most importantly FUN! Using Karly's Kabbage is an easy way to teach students about chemistry, such as acids, bases, pH levels, and indicators. It is fun, creative, and educational!

How is Karly's Kabbage used as an indicator?

Believe it or not, Karly's Kabbage is very useful as an indicator! Since its pH level is 7, it is a neutral solution. This allows it to determine if other solutions are an acid, base, or neutral. When other solutions are added to it, it will change colors depending on the level of pH of the solution. If the solution has a pH greater than 7 it will cause the equilibrium to shift to the products, adding a blue color to it (meaning it is a base). If the solution has a pH of less than 7 it will shift to the right, adding a pink color to it (meaning it is an acid). The solution will remain a purple color if its pH is neutral.
Indicator Project

Why buy Karly's Kabbage?

This is an overall great product. It is very practical for teachers to use, fun and intriguing for students, & simple and assessable for parents to use even at home! It is very resourceful and safe for everyone. Karly's Kabbage allows an easier way to help students understand and learn about chemistry. It provides a great leaning experience while being entertaining. This product is user friendly, allows everybody an opportunity to learn, and enjoy. You will not regret buying this product! Pick up your Karly's Kabbage today!!!
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