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Scotland County

Our History

Scotland county was founded in 1899 making us one of the new counties. Our name came from the large majority of High Land Scots that originally made up our counties population.

Becoming a part of Scotland County


If you would like to contribute to our County Council then follow the following information. There are open slots to the Conical if you would directly want to help maintain our county. To indirectly contribute then you could help maintain our parks and trails. You can also keep up on our county events on our county or Laurinburg city page.

About our Goverment

We follow one of the most popular governments the Conical Manager Government. This is made up of a 7 member council and a mayor. There is also a City Manager, they all make our budgets and events. Mike Smith Is our county seat for Laurinburg city.

Fun for the Family

Attractions, Landmarks, and Geo-caching!

There are loads of fun things to do in our county. We have tons of bike trails, parks, and restaurants. We are well known for Geo- caching which is a world wide scavenger hunt that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to find exactly where to find the prizes. WE are not going to give away whats in the cases but you can talk to the other Geo-cachetrs.

County SEat

Our county seat

The county seat of Scotland County is Laurinburg. It is ran by a council government. Its ran usually under a 5,000 plus population. Our chief administrative is elected by our Council. We provide services like waste management, public protection as a whole, and our budget.