Internet safety

a way to keep yourself and/or kids safe on the internet

The importance of Internet-safety is really something not to laugh about. You don’t know who is on the other computer, maybe it’s your friend or maybe it’s a big old fat guy who is three times your age. It is really important to have the knowledge about Internet-safety

some tips to help.

  1. Parental controls.

  2. Don’t use a username that tells weather you’re a girl or boy.

  3. Set your page to private so only your friends can see your page.

  4. Don’t send requests to random people or accept requests from random.

  5. Make friends in real life, like ask if their on that site, and can they be your friend, but don’t ask random people in real life if they’re not a friend of yours.

  6. Don’t leave a not responsible kid on a computer.