Classical Conversations of Joppa

Weekly Newsletter - April 11, 2016

Community Announcements

Director's Notes

Week 23

Two more weeks of CC! As we are wrapping up the year, I encourage everyone to keep in touch over the summer. Practicum is a great time to catch up and start encouraging each other for the next year. We'll have park playdates throughout the summer. If you have any field trips or events you want to do as a group over the summer, please use Facebook or email to share with the community (not everyone is on Facebook).

Family Presentation: Jones

Recess Parents: Venters, Jones, White

Clean Up Parents: Kessens, Decker, Jones

New Entrance/Doors

Trinity Church wants to remind us the importance of keeping all doors locked/secured (not propped) during the day and to also limit interruptions to the bible study in the sanctuary. The church has asked us to continue to use the main entrance, not the side door as I suggested previously. The main entrance will be manned by one of the older students or myself in the morning until 9:15am. At 9:15am, it will be locked. If you arrive after 9:15am, please be sure to call or text me to be let in. During lunch/recess, the door will be propped. At 1:00pm the door will be locked again. Thanks for your continued support!

Parent Practicum: Navigating History - Art of Argumentation

Join us for the free parent practicum this summer. This is a great equipping time to prep for the coming year, get encouragement from veteran CC families and build relationships with your community and other local communities. Children are invited to attend camps for $42/child for 3 days of fun (and learning). Tutors and substitutes will train in the afternoon during each day of practicum. Book reps will be available to purchase CC Bookstore supplies for no shipping cost.

Camps Available: Nursery (ages 0-2), Play Camp (ages 3-5), Geo Draw (ages 6-8), Academic (ages 9-12, camp topic varies based on location from History (CC Joppa)) and Science (CC Nottingham).

CC Joppa MD Practicum - May 23-25 9am-4pm at Trinity Church

CC Nottingham MD Practicum - June 15-17 9am-4pm at Life Source Int Church

Visit for more information.

Upcoming Events

April 26th 10a-1pm CC End of Year Celebration at Bel Air Athletic Club

Jenn VanGelder has organized a great day of fun and recognition for our end of the year ceremony. $5/child. Students will have swimming and activities and we will have a potluck with ceremony.

April 29th 10am-noon CC Field Day at Annie's Playground (NOTE DATE CHANGE)

Sharon Touryan, Chasity Longworth and Mindy Sather are planning a CC Field Day at Annie's Playground. Tshirt orders and more information to come. Parent volunteers are going to be needed to help with stations.

May 10th Indian Echo Caverns with CC Jarrettsville

Visit and tour Indian Echo Caverns. Pack a lunch and eat in their picnic area. $12 ages 12 to adult, $6 ages 2-11, under 2 is free. Money is due to Laura Ramsey by April 12th!


Memory Work Extras

CC Timeline Handmotions Video: (All Tutors are using the CC official videos OR the previously used rafikipaka from CC Connected. These two options are slightly different, but many of us have learned the rafikipaka handmotions in the past before CC officially came out with their own handmotion video.)

A PDF printout of handmotions can be found on CC Connected user name rafikipaka.

Cycle 1 Memory Work Audio:

Cycle 1 Memory Work Tutorials:

Reading Correlations from Half a Hundred Acre Wood: