Mrs. G's Classroom News

May 13, 2016

Classroom Management

I can't believe we are already approaching the middle of May! Time is going by too fast! Students are starting to feel the spring fever and behavior could be improved a bit. At the end of the day focusing and paying attention has been a challenge. We have incorporated a recess at the end of the day to help.

I apologize for putting up the possible date for a Jiffy Mix plant field trip. There was a miscommunication about the time and unfortunately they have no openings that would work with our bus schedule for the remainder of the school year. We are trying to come up with something else and I will notify you as soon as something concrete is arranged. I was just so excited!

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

May 19th - last Little Caesar's Pizza - we have to win this one!!!!!

May 19th - popcorn day

May 30th - No School

June 3 - Science Day

June 7 - Yofresh Night

June 9 - Website Gallery Dessert Night

June 10 - Field Day

June 15 - 1/2 last day! :(

Writing Workshop

This week we finished up our comparison chapter using parallel sentences and started our conclusions. We also created Weebly accounts so we can start building our websites. They will turn out great! Website Gallery Dessert Night will be on June 9th in the media center at 6:30pm. A sign up genius will be coming soon. I hope to see you all there to show off my students' hard work!

Reading Workshop

This week in reading workshop we worked on having great conversations about texts we have read. We also noticed non-fiction text features in our books and described how those features helped us understand the text. Students have had a great time reading the series called, "Who Would Win" by Jerry Pallotta. We were very excited to see that this famous author is now following us on Twitter! He liked the photo of us all holding up his books! We have been taking many comprehension quizzes online with these books and the students are very motivated to get those points and make their goals before the end of the school year.
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Word Work

This week we did spelling unit 23. We worked on spellingcity, homophones, contractions and enrichment activities.


We started unit 9 on multiplication with double digit numbers. The way the curriculum introduces it seems a little confusing. They start with world problems and then get to the algorithms. Despite this the kids are tackling the concepts with a positive outlook!

Social Studies & Science

Our commercials are complete. Wow are they entertaining! Students did very good job showing my that they knew the concepts though. They had to state what the product of the Michigan Company was, what natural resource the company uses to make the product and what city the company is located in. If you would like to view these quickly made commercials go to

We started our animal adaptation unit this week. Students read ifiles on different types of arthropods and discovered with reading and discussion what all arthropods have in common. They also found out the difference of an invertebrate and vertebrate. We watched a video together and discovered there are many ways to classify animals. We love learning about animals!

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