Mrs. Brown's Class

3rd Grade Information


This week, we finished reading folktales from our Unit - Stories that Teach. We read "The Real Story of Stone Soup". When reading the story, we focused on identifying our point of view and the point of view of the narrator and characters in the story. We also used illustrations to better understand the story. Ask your child what the word contradict means. We learned some illustrations contradict the words in the story.

Next week, we will work on creating and writing an original fable. We are excited to share our writing pieces at the Fable Fair. The tentative date for the fair is February 5th. More information to follow!

Social Studies

Our current Social Studies unit is Econ and Me. Students received information about the Economics Production Project on Wednesday or Thursday this week. We will continue to work on this unit next week. The week of January 18th, students will the opportunity to present their projects.

Word Study (Spelling)

This week our focus was learning the multiple spellings for the sound /air/ and /ear/. Next week we will begin learning prefixes.
pre - before dis - not mis - wrong


I have decided to make some changes regarding reading homework.
We will continue to read 20 minutes each night and complete one Reading Response Question. Instead of completing this homework every week. Our class will have RRL question every other week. I will try to inform parents via email about the required homework for the week. On the weeks our class is not completing the RRL question, students will have to complete the Daily Comprehension Activities. Be sure to read the Daily Comprehension story every night before completing the activity.

Next Week (Week of 1/11): Daily Comprehension, Week 3
Week of 1/18: Short week, Read 20 minutes each night, no RRL
Week of 1/25: Daily Comprehension, Week 4

End of 2nd Quarter

Friday, Jan. 15th, 12am

This is an online event.

I am going to try to write a bi-weekly class update. If you don't receive a flyer every other week, it must have been a busy week! Also, more pictures to be included in future flyers.

Thanks for your continued support!

Nicole Brown