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Quarterly Updates from MLA's Counseling Team | SY16: Issue 1

Making College a Priority!

Did you know that starting in Semester 2, Mr. Rice has moved into a full-time College Coordinator role? While Mr. Rice is a school counselor and integral part of the counseling team he has shifted from serving a specific population of students to serving all students and families with the college going process! In addition, his office has been relocated to room 222 which is now a College Center accessible for all students with computers and a meeting area.

March Madness = College Madness!

This month we are celebrating March Madness by promoting college going here at MLA. Students with Bs or Better (as research shows an increase in 4 year college success) and seniors who have been accepted to a university are all getting free t-shirts this month and are permitted to wear them EVERY Friday! Additionally, on track seniors with their college applications and FAFSA complete get access to watching March Madness games on the big screen everyday at lunch!

Do you know your counseling team?

Registration is About to Begin!

Your Registration Check-List:

Information about times and dates to register for School Year 2016-2017 (SY17) will be out next month. In the mean time, start preparing the necessary documentation:

  • Proof of address
  • Up to date physicals and immunizations for each of your children at MLA
  • Signed consent forms

If you are looking for a specific form, you can find it on our new website!