Broken Hearts Fixed

By Alyssa Achenreiner


4 Star Rating ****

"It's an amazing story. A very exciting read." ~ New York Times

"Always wanting to know what will happen next." ~ James Patterson

"Suspenseful and exciting. Very interesting." ~ J.K. Rowling

"I get to the clinic and I’m hoping that everything goes well or else I won’t get to go to college. The doctor walks in, in his white, long coat with his stethoscope hanging around his neck and checks my heart rate. He writes something down on a little yellow notepad. I try to peek over his shoulder to see what he wrote, but I can’t. He turns around and says to me with a sad look..."

Reader Review

Sarah, a high school basketball player has her career stopped when her heart stops working. She gets her heart fixed and is recruited by Michigan University. Her parents don't want her to take the offer, but Sarah wants to. They decide that her doctor has to decide if she is able to ever play basketball again. Readers will love this story because it is exciting and suspenseful.