Never lose wifi or battery again

The Ultimite phone case will solve all your problems

Bacon Pigs Inc.

We are the Bacon Pigs and we have made a product that will change the way you use your phone forever. In our company, we like everything to be original, just like our new phone case. The Ultimate Phone Case!!!! The 3 of us, Isabella Mondelli, Alexys Nguyen, and Ajay Tandon would like to share our product with you and everyone in America.

The Ultimate Phone Case will solve you Wi-Fi and battery problems.

This phone case will not only charge your phone, but also give you free Wi-Fi wherever you go. If you ever needed to call for help ,but you were stranded in a place with no Wi-Fi and had a dead phone, this case is for you. This case will also have a customizable design and a rubber/ bullet proof glass, so it will have a stylish design and will never break.

Our Office- The Bacon Pigs Inc.

We work very hard everyday to make our to make our product reliable and excellent for everyone who buys it. Even though we don't agree with each other we still try to cooperate and find a way and make it happen and that worked, just the 3 of us.

About our phone case

The cost of our new phone case is $110. It is this expensive , because our phone case gives free wifi and data!!!! It also charges your phone!!! It doesn't get better than that. Plus our phone case is one of the strongest cases in America. The Ultimate Phone Case will solve all of your problems.