What do we do?

Veterinarians help prevent, diagnose and treat health problems in a wide varity of animals. We get to help animals in genral. You get to save a life every now and then. We help the community by helping their animals. We loving helping people with what they love!

What it takes

Some subjects in High School you need to take are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra. From College you will need to graduate with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, DVM.

You will need love for animals, patience, and attention to animals. Your personality would play a major role too! You need to be super nice, because you work with a lot of people! You will need to be patient, a good listener, and very helpful!

Information that you will want to know!

Your salary would be around $82,900 a year. The growth is much faster than average. (21% or more would be hired in the next 10 years) This job is in demand! Companies that hire in this type of job would be, The Human Society of the United States, United States Department of Agriculture, and VCA Antech, INC.

The Animals

We work with all types of animals! We work with dogs, cats, pigs, cows, chickens, bunnies, birds, fish, and even lizards. Pretty much you may it we work with it! We love to help your pets in any way possible!