Raider Nation Staff Newsletter

Back To School Edition

Welcome Back!

Dear Raider Nation,

I hope this letter finds you enjoying the special kind of fun, freedom, and relaxation that summer allows. The slower pace of June, July and August is a welcome respite from the often lively and sometimes hectic pace of the school year. However, I am going to guess that at this point of the summer you are beginning to think (at least a little bit!) about the new school year. Rest assured it is still a week away but in an effort to make sure it does not sneak up on you and so that you are well-prepared and well-informed, you will find several attachments regarding our time together the next couple of weeks. Namely, the opening week schedule, the 2019-2020 A-day / B-day schedule, our yearly meeting schedule, and most importantly, a checklist for all of your various online modules.

I trust you are as excited as I am for another great year at Atholton. With a new year comes a new beginning. This new beginning allows us to reflect on our true purpose, on why we choose to work with kids. It also allows us to reaffirm that we believe in what we do, and we know what a tremendous impact we can have. As I reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re headed, I feel a deep sense of personal appreciation at the opportunity I am afforded to be part of such a special place.

I am often asked, “Why do you do what you do?” I answer this with a quote from Winston Churchill, who said, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." In short, it has been my mantra to serve. Serve my students, serve my staff, serve my community. Why do you do what you do? Think about it…I welcome the opportunity to discover and share the many reasons we find ourselves together at Atholton.

Lastly, please know that my most fervent hope for each of you is that you wake up each day excited about the opportunities that the day offers. I hope you find the why in your work every day, knowing that what you do in the classroom makes the difference for your students, and their families. I hope you make time for reflection and growth beyond the technical aspects of your job. I hope your vision for a world that provides equitable opportunities for all of our kids is steadfast and unshakeable. I hope your mission to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences for your students is unwavering. I hope you go to bed each night heartened by the knowledge that education is the most important work in our world, and you helped create another day of life-changing moments for hundreds and hundreds of young people. Lastly, I hope you know how much you are valued as a part of this awesome community we call Atholton.

Enjoy the remaining days of your summer and I look forward to seeing everyone on August 21.

Welcome New Staff and New Positions

The new year brings with it new faces and new responsibilities. Please join me in congratulating and/or welcoming our new staff members and those to their new positions:

· New Position

  • Cathy Kriner, English ITL
  • Dale Harriman, Mathematics ITL
  • Brandon Morfoot, 9th Grade co-ITL
  • Sue Erickson, 9th Grade co-ITL
  • Mabrooka Chaudry, Social Studies ITL

New to AHS

  • Robert Thompson, Mathematics
  • Kelsey Gibbons, Special Education -- ALS
  • Carly Graeff, Student Assistant
  • Caitlin Rogers, Student Assistant
  • Gabriela Joseph, Spanish
  • Alex McCoy, Physical Education
  • Ekaterina DiBenedetto, Art
  • Michael Guizzotti, Security Officer

Exciting News!

President-Elect for NASSP

As you may have heard, August 1, 2019, I assumed the position of President-Elect of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). I am humbled that colleagues from across the country have put their trust in my ability to represent them on the national level.

I want you to know that my commitment to Atholton is steadfast! As President-Elect, my responsibilities are few. My responsibilities increase during the 2020 - 2021 school year when I assume the presidency. However, conversations with Dr. Martirano and NASSP will allow my commitment to Raider Nation to remain strong.

You can read more about the appointment here.

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Important Information and Files to Download