Assignment 2 Comparison/Contrast



Just wanted to check in with you. For those who have turned in rough drafts for Essay 1, I have them checked. Be sure to print out the document that has the rough draft corrections’ explanations, and I hope you are learning from your errors. It was obvious that some did not copy and paste your rough draft to Grammarly. This site is excellent at catching grammar and punctuation mistakes and improving your essay. Some of the explanations given, you might not agree with. That is fine. Please, please copy and paste your comparison/contrast rough draft to Grammarly, and copy and paste your final copy of Essay 1 before submitting it to me. The directions are under Assignment 1 and Assignment 2.

I'm sure you have noticed many tasks to accomplish by the end of Week 2. Be sure to watch all videos and read all handouts provided. After reading the main directions, others important are: The student example, compare/contrast specific directions with handouts attached, a PowerPoint explaining the thesis statement, and easy words to use as sentence starters. I hope you have watched the videos in Week 2 on working with sources. This is a research paper, so make sure you have in text citing and a references page. I have tried to be as specific as I can.

Note: I have an APA format template that is set up to use for Assignment 2
  • No you's are allowed in this class.
  • Write in third person plural.
  • No contractions--won't =will not

For extra help, in the title bar, click on Resources. From there you can make contact with the library and can call or e-mail for help. In addition, you can click on The Effective Writing Center that offers a variety of services to help you gain confidence in your own writing.

Know that I am here to help. Please let me know about any concerns.
Lana Boswell